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Smart Parenting for Smart Learning

See Change Education

The "Smart Parenting for Smart Learning” podcast is designed for parents who want to walk the journey with their children to be smart learners. Don’t we all want our children to develop their full potential, find their voices and engage with the world around them in meaningful ways? Our host, Rita Pang, is the founder of See Change Education, helping students aged 5-18 to develop 21st century life skills in “communications” through (1) speech and debate, (2) reading and writing, and (3) digital life skills and media communications. Rita was an active participant in the Model United Nations at Harvard University and a member of her law school’s Moot Court Debate Team. She is a strong believer that empathetic "communications” is what allows us to bring together our collective wisdom and voices of influence in order to break down barriers, resolve differences, and achieve greater synergy and harmony. In each episode of the podcast, Rita discusses a wide range of topics with experts in education to give you tips and inspiration to be the parent that you want to be! The “Smart Parenting for Smart Learning” podcast is brought to you by a group of education enthusiasts. Join us today and become a game changer for your child.