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Selling Chemicals, Cookies, & Cosmetics on Amazon - Dave Terry - Amazon Legends - Episode #114

March 03, 2022 Nick Uresin Episode 114
Amazon Legends Podcast
Selling Chemicals, Cookies, & Cosmetics on Amazon - Dave Terry - Amazon Legends - Episode #114
Show Notes

Starting to sell on Amazon can be very hard, especially if you’re selling “dangerous goods” or running three companies at the same time. Dave Terry has done both, finding great success, and now Dave’s letting you know how to do it yourself. You’ll learn about how to approach the launch of your product, the best practices for FBA, and how to get organic sales while decreasing your ad spend.


  • For products that are considered “dangerous goods” on Amazon, the storage options offered by FBA warehouses have decreased since the start of the Covid pandemic as demand rose for other “hazardous” products like hand sanitizer.
  • The goal of selling on Amazon should be to sell products organically, without having to spend on advertising your products. However, to do this you have to advertise your products to get sales initially which will boost your ranking and your visibility.
  • There is a process to sell “dangerous goods” on Amazon through FBA and a major part of it is maintaining the right level of stock in the FBA warehouse. Try to get sales, stay in stock, and make sure not to send too much stock as Amazon will limit your storage.
  • Don’t expect overnight success on Amazon. It takes time to build your presence and credibility as a seller. 
  • Find the standard amount of inventory that you need at an FBA warehouse, this could mean having stock for the next 10 week’s forecasted sales. Typically, 1/3 will be available to sell, while the other 2/3 go through FBA’s 4-6 week intake process.
  • Ahead of peak times, make sure to be in weekly or biweekly communication with manufacturers to make sure things are on schedule and the demand can be met in time.
  • If you have a very well-developed way of doing business, when you start selling on Amazon, you can’t expect Amazon to conform to your way of doing things. To be successful, you have to adapt your business to fit Amazon’s methods.

Quote of the Show:

  • “I can't stress it more than to tell new sellers just to give absolutely amazing customer service” - Dave Terry


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