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Go With The Amazon Experts - Michael Yanez - Amazon Legends - Episode #116

March 17, 2022 Nick Uresin Episode 116
Amazon Legends Podcast
Go With The Amazon Experts - Michael Yanez - Amazon Legends - Episode #116
Show Notes

There are new tools coming from Amazon all the time and some of them go right over the heads of many sellers. Michael Yanez is providing amazing tips for using the new tools like Amazon Attribution and the Brand Referral Program so you can maximize the benefits your brands can get from them. You’ll learn how to increase your traffic while increasing your ROAS, how to navigate the changes to FBA warehouse limits, and how to get started as an Amazon seller.


  • Amazon Attribution is a newer tool from Amazon which allows you to create product links that can track the source of the traffic and the conversion rate of those links. To access this tool, you will need to have Brand Registry set up.
  • The Amazon algorithm loves external traffic to a product page and will provide beneficial treatment to the ads and listings of brands that are bringing that kind of external traffic to Amazon.
  • The new Brand Referral Program from Amazon will give sellers a credit of up to 15% on their Amazon Referral fees for any external traffic that leads to a conversion. 
  • While package inserts can be a great way to keep customers coming back to your store, you have to be very careful with how you write them. If Amazon decides the message sounds like quid pro quo, they will suspend the Seller’s account.
  • For existing companies that are used to selling pallets of products to traditional retail companies, the hardest part of switching to Amazon is the need to ship small parcels in non-standardized quantities that depend on the daily demand. 
  • Because Amazon has severely limited FBA warehouse space, it’s worth it for sellers to cut down on the number of SKUs they have and really focus on selling and fulfilling the high-performing products through FBA.
  • There are so many nuances to selling on Amazon that finding success is near impossible if you are trying to learn everything about it on the fly. Sellers can do permanent harm to their brands if they don’t have an expert helping to guide them.

Quote of the Show:

  • “If you're not simultaneously launching on Amazon as direct to consumer, I personally feel that you're leaving a lot of business on the table” - Michael Yanez


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