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Keeping An Eye On Your Inventory - Jeanine Fye - Amazon Legends - Episode #118

March 31, 2022 Nick Uresin Episode 118
Amazon Legends Podcast
Keeping An Eye On Your Inventory - Jeanine Fye - Amazon Legends - Episode #118
Show Notes

Find the key to achieving success with your brand while selling on Amazon. Join Jeanine Fye in a discussion of how different parts of your Amazon operation impact your overall sales outcomes and which factors are the most important for you to watch out for. You’ll learn about the best practices for using FBA warehousing, how to understand the data you get from Amazon, and some great tips to increase your Amazon conversion rate!


  • Every aspect of Amazon works together in a complex, integrated web. Something like your inventory can impact your ROAS. Because of this, you need to foster collaboration and communication with everyone involved on your team and look at the data.
  • To find success and grow your brand on Amazon, you need to adopt an Amazon centric approach which requires having a direct to consumer mindset. You need to have a very good understanding of your customers and their needs.
  • The most important thing to focus on is your inventory. Even if you have great listings and ad campaigns, you won’t sell anything if you don’t manage your inventory well. 
  • Selling on Amazon requires you to be very detailed with each of your products as there are different changes you can make to each unique SKU to impact their performance. 
  • When selling on an e-commerce marketplace, you need to consider that consumers will interact with your products differently than if they were in a retail store where they could feel, taste, smell, etc. your products. Use this when creating pages and picking images.
  • Your pages have to communicate the information that your customers need within six seconds. This means the design must be very efficient and you should use your images, copy, etc. in concert with each other to give your customer the best experience possible.
  • To get the level of detail that you need to be successful, you will need to use either a 3rd party integration to analyze the data and format it into a report or spend a lot of time deep inside of spreadsheets to discover the insights you need.


Quote of the Show:

  • “Inventory is probably one of the biggest factors that most brands don't have a plan for, but they should” - Jeanine Fye


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