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Relying on Relationships - Kiah Hagen - Amazon Legends - Episode #120

April 14, 2022 Nick Uresin Episode 120
Amazon Legends Podcast
Relying on Relationships - Kiah Hagen - Amazon Legends - Episode #120
Show Notes

The logistics behind Amazon sellers has been turned upside down over the past few years, but there are ways to keep your supply chain moving consistently. Thankfully Kiah Hagen is here to share some of those ways which have helped her find success despite the challenges. You’ll hear about the benefits of using agents to handle factories and shipping, how to prepare for peak selling seasons, and why you need to be using Amazon’s brand registry.


  • Part of your success as an Amazon Seller is tied to the relationship you have with your sourcing agent. You need to build a lot of trust with them and once you do they are more willing to help finance your product and work around your peak selling times.
  • When producing your product outside of the US a sourcing agent can make a massive impact because they know the language, where to go for certain materials, and they have an existing relationship with the factories.
  • Using a freight forwarder to arrange your shipping for your product gives you someone who is directly fighting to get your company’s goods shipped on time. You wouldn’t get this level of commitment if you contracted with the factory for all of the shipping.
  • In peak times, you may run out of product available through FBA, so you need to be prepared to also sell your product with the same ASIN through FBM to meet demand.
  • By using Brand Registry, you eliminate buy box competition from resellers who can undercut your prices and tarnish your brand’s reputation. If other sellers claim to sell your product you can easily report them to Amazon to get them removed.
  • To get on Amazon’s Brand Registry, all you need is the serial number from your trademark application with the USPTO.
  • Outsourcing things like bookkeeping, PPC, or photography not only raises the quality of the outputs of those tasks but it also lessens the stress on you and gives you more time to focus on growing your business. 

Quote of the Show:

  • “Make sure you have a little bit of money left over, so that you can reorder your next order” - Kiah Hagen


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