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The Genesis of Ideation - Adrian Chernoff - Amazon Legends - Episode # 124

May 12, 2022 Nick Uresin Episode 124
Amazon Legends Podcast
The Genesis of Ideation - Adrian Chernoff - Amazon Legends - Episode # 124
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Creating products that disrupt the way people think and act can seem is not something that can be done easily and just overnight. Adrian Chernoff is giving you his incredible methodology for creating new products way ahead of the competition. Adrian has 91 patents so far and won Coolest Invention of the Year from Time Magazine. Strap in for a creativity-charged conversation where you’ll learn about thinking without constraints, hidden secrets for marketing your products, and how to create the solutions of tomorrow.


  • When you are creating something that is not very disruptive to an industry, looking at the data can be very helpful. However, if you are aiming to disrupt the market and go beyond the next logical step, you need to rely on your vision and insights for that solution.
  • Adrian’s Methodology: Develop a vision for the product; Imagine that all the constraints don’t exist; Define the purpose of the vision; Define the purpose in a way that is staged; Translate that purpose into goals based on the stage; Start implementing it.
  • To truly innovate, you need to unplug from the constraints of today and start living in the technologies and solutions of the future. Once you have the vision based on the future, you can backtrack to today and see what the first iteration of that looks like.
  • The key to marketing your product is to cut through the noise by combining both the art side and the science side of marketing.
  • Although it can seem daunting to generate your own messaging for your product, it’s crucial that you maintain control over that messaging.
  • Before applying for an Amazon Seller account, you need to check the category that your product will be under. Some categories are gated because Amazon does not want more sellers in that category so it will be harder to get approved for that category.
  • As a seller on Amazon, it’s critical to focus on what you personally do best and hire out the parts of your operation that you’re not an expert in.

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  • “You have to drive a vision, a purpose, and a reality around this product or service you're creating” - Adrian Chernoff


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