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Building a Strong Culture Remotely - Dan Brownsher - Amazon Legends - Episode # 134

July 21, 2022 Nick Uresin Episode 134
Amazon Legends Podcast
Building a Strong Culture Remotely - Dan Brownsher - Amazon Legends - Episode # 134
Show Notes

For many businesses that have moved to remote work over the past few years, it has been a struggle to develop and instill a company culture with remote employees. Dan Brownsher is the Co-Founder of Partner Trend Nation and the President and CEO of Channel Key. Apart from an amazing Amazon knowledge base, Dan has managed to develop practices to help grow the culture of his companies even when working remotely! You’ll learn about using EOS and Open Book, what needs to happen during your hiring process, and why something like having your camera on during virtual meetings is so crucial.


  • Developing a company culture, even when remote, relies on being very intentional about creating connections with the others on your team.
  • A way to help create connections when remote is to require everyone to have their cameras on when meeting virtually. This way everyone can see all of the nonverbal cues that are such a large part of human communication.
  • Only about 7% of a message is carried through words, 38% is carried in the tone of voice, and 55% is in the body language. If you want to really communicate, don’t have difficult conversations via text or email.
  • Open Book Accounting is vital to promoting transparency in your company which is a huge part of building a stronger culture in your company. A big part of transparency is using an all-hands meeting every quarter to review results and examine goals.
  • EOS (Entrepreneurial Operating System) is a powerful way to run your business and it promotes a very strong culture.
  • Share your 3-year plan for the company with all of your employees early in their onboarding process. This will help create greater buy-in.
  • A stringent hiring process is imperative to building a strong culture. Ask candidates to self-evaluate at every step of your hiring process to check for alignment and awareness.

Quote of the Show:

  • “Our people are fully aligned with our values and we live them and we eat them and we breathe them every single day” - Dan Brownsher


Shout Outs:

  • Professor Albert Mehrabian - The "7%-38%-55% Rule
  • Traction by Gino Wickman
  • The Entrepreneurs’ Organization
  • Vistage
  • Who by Geoff Smart

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