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Tell Your Brand Story on Amazon - Ila Byrne & Catherine Harpe Neal - Amazon Legends - Episode # 143

September 08, 2022 Nick Uresin Episode 143
Amazon Legends Podcast
Tell Your Brand Story on Amazon - Ila Byrne & Catherine Harpe Neal - Amazon Legends - Episode # 143
Show Notes

Selling on Amazon from the start of a company’s launch provides unique perspectives because of the unique challenges and opportunities it comes with. Today we have two great guests, the first of which, Catherine Harpe Neal, is the Director of eCommerce at Parch Spirits Co and also runs a foster home for dogs. Along with Catherine, Ila Byrne is the Co-Founder of Parch and has some amazing experience from leading innovation at Diaggio. You’ll get some great advice on the process behind launching on Amazon, how to build out your brand story using Amazon, and what it takes to assemble a great team.


  • One of the most important aspects of building a lifestyle brand is educating consumers and much of that comes from working with partners in existing industries.
  • Deciding to sell on Amazon is not just something you can do on the side of your business. It is a massive sales channel and adding that to your company requires you to adopt and implement an entirely new set of standard operating procedures (SOPs).
  • Some of the SOPs you need to introduce to hit the ground running on Amazon include how you package orders, ASINs, and FBA and FBM decisions. 
  • Amazon is putting massive amounts of effort into promoting all 3rd-party sellers to use their FBA fulfillment service.
  • Even though you may use FBA, it’s imperative to have everything in place for FBM in case of an inventory or supply chain issue. 
  • Although you might be using an agency to help with your Amazon operation, you also need someone internally that can own everything to do with Amazon.
  • Building out your brand through Amazon means that you can reach customers across the US while also telling your brand story through the pages of Amazon that can match the brand world that you have created through all of your other channels.

Quotes of the Show:

  • “Amazon has incentivized 3rd-part sellers enough to, in a positive way, force your hand to fulfill via FBA” - Catherine Harpe-Neil
  • “You can’t really launch a brand, especially a CPG brand, without Amazon these days” - Ila Byrne


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