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Selling on Your Story - Matthew Tucker - Amazon Legends - Episode # 146

September 20, 2022 Nick Uresin Episode 146
Amazon Legends Podcast
Selling on Your Story - Matthew Tucker - Amazon Legends - Episode # 146
Show Notes

Your success on Amazon comes down to the story that you tell through every aspect of your listing, product, and customer experience. Matthew Tucker has been in digital marketing for over a decade and he is now the CEO and Founder of King E4. Matthew shares what to focus on when telling your story, how to optimize your brand’s numbers, and what the benefits of storytelling are for your brand.


  • While your numbers are great to tell you what to optimize, you need to build a great brand with a great story to tell that can be found and loved by consumers. If you start with the brand, then you can grow from there using that data and statistics. 
  • On Amazon, a brand is a product that tells a good story, very briefly, that consumers want and hadn’t realized they wanted. You need to communicate this brand through your A+ content, pictures, listing, reviews, and social media. 
  • People buy based on stories and when selling on Amazon you have to tell a story differently than you would in traditional advertising. Your product needs to continue to tell the brand story once it’s in the consumers’ hands. 
  • When developing your brand story, consider if the consumer need for your product has been met or unmet. Check the price points of your competitors because your [rice is also a factor in your brand. 
  • You are not selling a product, you are selling a story. The main characters of that story are how the product looks, how the product functions, the price, the reviews, etc.
  • You don’t need to have the perfect creative asset before you start advertising. Using A/B testing, the advertising platform (eg. Google or Facebook) will show you which actually works the best through numbers.
  • Your story offers your brand an edge in differentiation and price protection. People will pay more because of your story rather than switching to another competitor that may be cheaper but does not have a good story. 

Quote of the Show:

  • “The greatest brands out there are the ones that tell the best stories” - Matthew Tucker


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