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Making A Good First Impression On Amazon - Dani May - Amazon Legends - Episode # 154

October 18, 2022 Nick Uresin Episode 154
Amazon Legends Podcast
Making A Good First Impression On Amazon - Dani May - Amazon Legends - Episode # 154
Show Notes

Today’s guest is a lifelong entrepreneur, a former Amazonian, who started a company and successfully exited in 18 months. She is a branding expert in the home, fashion, and shoe categories. Dani May is the Principal Management Consultant at May Consulting & Strategy Development. Dani shares the secret to making a great first impression on your PDP, how to optimize your product images, and why your description still matters even when using A-plus content. 


  • A customer’s first impression of your brand happens as soon as they land on your PDP (Product Detail Page). Making a good first impression means that your content made them decide to stay on your PDP rather than switch to another listing.
  • In order to keep customers on your listing, you need to clearly communicate the right message within that first impression which will lead to a purchase in the fewest possible clicks. 
  • The starting point for creating a great first impression is your listing’s title. When a title is filled with every possible keyword, customers may not trust it and will look to confirm the details in the title with the bulleted content on your PDP.
  • Your product images should convey a feeling that is slightly unexpected for what your product is that sets your product apart from other similar listings. 
  • You can use your product images to communicate a lot about your product by using infographics, providing necessary details like nutritional information, and developing a theme throughout the image gallery. 
  • Your bullets should be simple and clear. They should highlight topics but you should leave the explanations to the A-plus content. Your listing’s bullets should not be paragraphs. 
  • Even though the position of the description of your product has been moved lower on the PDP, it is still an important part of the content that Amazon’s search algorithm indexes, even if you are using A-plus content. 

Quote of the Show:

  • “The customer has landed on your product detail page and then what” - Dani May


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