Bridging Business & IT

S1 E6: Five Ground Rules for Every Tech Team

October 15, 2021 Dave Burrill and Dan Burrill Season 1 Episode 6
Bridging Business & IT
S1 E6: Five Ground Rules for Every Tech Team
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In the last episode we talked about how a CIO (or IT leader) needs to prepare their business counterparts for their roles and responsibilities in an upcoming tech-enabled business project. In this episode we talk about IT department leadership, expectations and accountability. We share five “ground rules” that tech leaders need to share with their teams to position them for project success and to provide better service to their business counterparts. We are again joined by our CIO guest, John Fisher.

Guest LinkedIn Profile: John Fisher

These podcasts are dedicated to bridging the gap between business & IT. Each episode looks at different aspects of this relationship as we explore ways to help the two groups better communicate. We're passionate about this topic because it's a failure to communicate that causes 75% of all IT project failures and costs the US $1.8 Trillion every year—8% of US GDP!

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Five things a CIO needs to say to his team before a project starts
#1: The business has two jobs. We only have one.
#2: Never confuse silence from the business as a sign of ignorance.
#3: You don't have agreement on anything until it's been reduced to writing.
#4: You won't be blamed if the project fails, but you will be held accountable if you don't do your job.
#5: Projects are the building blocks of our (IT's) success or the tombstones of our failure.