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Bridging Business & IT

Dave Burrill & Dan Burrill

A father and son team interview experts from around the IT universe to explore the biggest challenge in business technology—how to bridge the gap between what a business needs and how their IT department addresses that need. Dave (the dad) is a serial entrepreneur, CIO, board member, author, speaker and advisor with decades of frontline tech industry experience. He wants things to work—perfectly. Dan (the son) is a Regional Vice President of Enterprise Sales for one of the hottest software companies in Silicon Valley. He wants things done—now. With 50 years of combined experience in over 500 clients and countless IT projects—and the perspective that comes with working virtually every aspect of the biz-tech universe (organizational and systems design; Big 4 CPA/consultant; project manager, solution architect, developer, business analysts, system integrator; COO, CIO, enterprise sales, etc.)—this duo has a breadth of experience few can match. This series is dedicated to the practitioners in the trenches. To those with hands-on experience overcoming the human, political and tactical challenges that stand in the way of successful deployments of technical solutions that advance business objectives. The plan is to share tricks of the trade and lessons learned. The goal is to leverage pattern recognition of the past to save others from repeating the same mistakes in the future. Add to that the humor and sarcasm of a healthy father-son relationship and you get an entertaining look at business and IT.