Bridging Business & IT

S1 E7: Nestles, SAP & the Greater Good

November 01, 2021 Dave Burril, Dan Burrill and Ray Weale Season 1 Episode 7
Bridging Business & IT
S1 E7: Nestles, SAP & the Greater Good
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We’re joined today by Ray Weale, currently COO of IDMerit and formerly Director of Digital Innovation at Nestle. Ray helped lead the global unification of literally thousands of Nestles processes and systems on to 34 standard processes on SAP—realizing staggering benefits along the way. Our conversation starts with Ray’s background and carries into how Nestle accomplished this remarkable global integration and unification. 

Personal note:  I must confess to feeling a bit sycophant-ish as we fawned over Ray’s story. However, I think anyone who’s been around a large transformation effort knows the challenges of pulling it off successfully. In this case, after learning from their first failed attempt, both Nestles and SAP should be commended for this incredible achievement. This is a story well worth hearing and an excellent example of what an organization can accomplish once they realize they’re not running an IT project—they’re running a business project that just happens to be enabled by technology—Dave

Starting with Nestles Waters
The first false start with SAP.
Second time success.
It's all about business excellence.
No small undertaking.
The thing we missed.
The benefits of global standardization.
You need the leaders appetite and vision to take something like this on.
The greatest arbiter of success.