Bridging Business & IT

S1 E8: Ethical EQ in IT Project Management

November 15, 2021 Dave Burrill, Dan Burrill, Jomo Starke Season 1 Episode 8
Bridging Business & IT
S1 E8: Ethical EQ in IT Project Management
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Our guest in this episode is Jomo Starke, Director of Innovation at Canton & Company. Jomo’s 30-plus year tech career started with developing video games—which he almost sold to Atari before they realized he was twelve. From his early days as a 17 year old wunderkind analyst to his years in project management, sales and biz dev, Jomo shares his insights into what makes tech enabled business projects successful and the simple, yet critical oversights that so often cause them to fail.

Guest LinkedIn Profile: Jomo Starke

These podcasts are dedicated to bridging the gap between business & IT. Each episode looks at different aspects of this relationship as we explore ways to help the two groups better communicate. We're passionate about this topic because it's a failure to communicate that causes 75% of all IT project failures and costs the US $1.8 Trillion every year—8% of US GDP!

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Project management out of necessity.
Ethical sales - saying no to a customer.
When it comes to IT project failures, buyers and sellers are both culpable.
The problem is they're not on the hook.
Focus groups and other ways IT can discover what the business needs.
Creating a culture that demands ethical, candid, vigorous debate.
Listening - the most important skill.
The greatest arbiter of success.