Bridging Business & IT

S1 E10: Negotiating IT Agreements

December 15, 2021 Dave Burrill, Dan Burrill, Dan Kelly Season 1 Episode 10
Bridging Business & IT
S1 E10: Negotiating IT Agreements
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This episode is with Dan Kelly, founder and CEO of The Negotiator Guru. Dan is the person we have to thank for our podcast as he was the one who originally invited Dave to be on his, “The State of the CIO”. The feedback from that show was so good it convinced us to launch our own. As the title implies we’ll be talking about (among other things) the tricks of the trade when negotiating large enterprise software licenses. Dan shares some very frank observations about the predatory behavior of some vendors, the general lack of awareness and preparation among many business buyers, and the fairly simple steps most buyers can take to make better purchasing decisions and save a lot of money along the way. It’s a lively conversation to put it mildly. We think you’ll enjoy it. And don’t forget to check out the “State of the CIO” podcast.

Introduction and background
Employee-employer relationships
The importance of knowing what you're trying to do
The customer isn’t always right
Taking ownership of your business
Outcomes based contracting – bilateral accountability
Success stories
Being the one who raised your hand
Some issues with business schools
The greatest arbiter of success