Bridging Business & IT

S2 E1: Four IT Perspectives: Public, Private, Customer & Vendor

January 15, 2022 Dave Burrill, Dan Burrill, Joyce Hunter Season 2 Episode 1
Bridging Business & IT
S2 E1: Four IT Perspectives: Public, Private, Customer & Vendor
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Today we’re talking to Joyce Hunter, former CIO of the USDA and currently CEO of Vulcan Enterprises. Joyce brings a long and storied career full of insights from both the public and private sectors, from both sides of the fence—she’s been both customer and vendor. We discuss the similarities between the public and private sector, talk about some terrible project failures and some great successes, and explore the key reasons behind each.

Guest LinkedIn Profile: Joyce Hunter

These podcasts are dedicated to bridging the gap between business & IT. Each episode looks at different aspects of this relationship as we explore ways to help the two groups better communicate. We're passionate about this topic because it's a failure to communicate that causes 75% of all IT project failures and costs the US $1.8 Trillion every year—8% of US GDP!

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Introduction & background
How the US government does IT
IT problems in the public sector are the same as the private
Better to take time to do it right than to rush a failure
The 3 that need to be in alignment and held accountable
A global rollout of Lotus Notes
Leadership & lessons learned
The importance of good relationships
The greatest arbiter of success