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The Motherhood UnDieted Podcast with Gillian Yuan

Gillian Yuan

In this podcast we discuss all things motherhood from the pressures of living up to the expectations society places on mothers, including "losing the baby weight" to learning to become free from those restrictions, including Freedom from Diet Culture by learning about Intuitive Eating, Body Acceptance, Health at Every Size and mindset work. We will also talk about the various stages of motherhood from new motherhood, to school-aged kids and how to guide and empower our kids to be confident eaters and feel comfortable in their bodies. I am so excited to share these important discussions with you!Gillian YuanMoms' Intuitive Eating & Body Acceptance CoachPlease note that the information shared in these episodes are meant for educational and information purposes only and are not to be taken as medical advice or diagnosis. Please consult your health care professional when thinking of implementing anything in these podcasts for yourself or your children.