The Motherhood UnDieted Podcast with Gillian Yuan

Season 1 E. 1 Intro to the Motherhood Undieted Podcast

August 27, 2021 Gillian Yuan Season 1 Episode 1
The Motherhood UnDieted Podcast with Gillian Yuan
Season 1 E. 1 Intro to the Motherhood Undieted Podcast
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Welcome to the Motherhood UnDieted Podcast with Gillian Yuan, Intuitive Eating and Body Acceptance Coach for Moms.  This is the first podcast, and mostly an introduction to who I am and what I do, and my reasons for working with moms to empower them to trust their bodies, eat normally, and raise kids who are confident in their bodies and with food too.  This podcast will cover topics from the Postpartum stage up to being a Mom to school-aged kids including body struggles, Intuitive Eating, Health at Every Size, Body Acceptance, Mindset work and how to support your kids to eat confidently and also feel good about their bodies. 
Thank you for your patience as I figure out the editing and transcript writing portion.  I am truly a solo-preneur! 
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Gillian Yuan BN. BSc. MBEC

The thoughts and opinions discussed in this podcast are solely the opinion of Gillian and/or her guests and for information/ educational purposes only. Gillian is not a licensed health or psychology practitioner. Please consult your healthcare providers prior to utilizing any information presented in the podcast.


Hello everyone. And welcome to the motherhood Undieted Podcast am so glad you have tuned into this first episode. I'm your host, Jillian, you won. I'm an intuitive eating and body image coach for moms who want to live fully eat normally except their body and raise kids who are confident in their bodies and with food. Motherhood undyed it is about living the journey of motherhood. Not only without dieting, but also without the pressure of the restrictions. And expectations placed upon moms by society. With my background as a previous nurse, working with moms and babies. And as a mom, myself. I understand these pressures and expectations. These pressures are not only about what our bodies should look like. But how are we should mother, our children. I'm here to talk about these things from a different perspective. And open the discussion to new ways of being a mother without feeling the weight. Of society's expectations. Now, I'm not saying neglect your kids by any means. I'm saying it's time to look at these pressures on moms and learn how to find freedom from societal expectations and enjoy motherhood. Well being in the moms we want to be for ourselves and for our children. So Cory yourself, a cup of coffee or warm it up. And we'll get started. Are you ready? Let's go. Before I became a certified mind, body eating coach and then intuitive eating and body acceptance coach. I did a lot of schooling and my degrees in kinesiology and nursing. I worked for 14 years as a nurse specialized in the postpartum. Care and breastfeeding support for moms, babies and their families. I loved my job and I love supporting families. Things changed though. After having my son and having a challenging pregnancy. And an emergency C-section. And then my own breastfeeding challenges. I began to see the work that I was doing differently. Don't get me wrong. I deeply enjoyed being a nurse. But the profession did not allow me to support moms. The mums that I saw, as I knew I wanted to. As I began looking at my own experience and that of the moms I worked with. I noticed a common threat that no one was talking about. A distrust of our bodies. Now, granted I was working with moms who had challenges with the transition to motherhood. From breastfeeding to infections. But at the same time, I knew I wanted to help myself and other moms learn to trust our bodies again. I wondered what could happen for moms and for society. If moms could learn to trust their bodies again. Or for the very first time. And so my journey began. As I mentioned, I wanted to learn to trust my body again, too. I grew up dancing valley and until I was 17 years old or so. My dream was to be a professional ballerina. Even though I was told by all my teachers that I didn't have the valley body. My beliefs were deeply rooted in diet and wellness culture. I had grown up believing that to be healthy and desirable. I had to be thin. I was a Chronic dieter and I was definitely a disordered eater. Obsessed with food or shall I say obsessed with not eating food? Long story short from my various experiences and breastfeeding knowledge. I was sure that if babies know and show their hunger signs, Then surely I could figure out how to notice and follow my hunter signs too. Well, still in my pursuit of losing the baby weight. When my son was about three years old. By overexercising under eating and under sleeping. I develop pericarditis, which is the inflammation of the SAC around the heart. I was on force bedrest and dust doing a lot of scrolling and research. Through this, I discovered the Institute for the psychology of eating. And began the certification process. This was my introduction into ending the crazy yo-yo dieting cycles and wellness dieting cycles. I was in. Later on I'm with influences of various coaches. Like Tanya, mark. And Stephanie told you. I discovered intuitive eating. And for me, this was a game changer. Not for weight loss, but for learning to trust my own body. This along with the health at every size approach and mindset changes. I can now say that I trust myself with food. And I am able to accept my body for the most part. My hope for you, mama is that through this podcast? You will not only come to learn about these concepts. But that I may help glean some insight and guidance into the journey of motherhood. And that you will know that beyond a shadow of a doubt. That you are worthy. Mama you are worthy of love, care, support, healing, food. Health and to enjoy the journey of motherhood. Motherhood and dieted is truly about living a life free from the restrictions placed on mothers, by society. Not just diets. But also societal restrictions. So in the following episodes, you will find important discussions. Not only about food and body, but also about many of the challenges and joys of motherhood. I will have some awesome guests on the show, too. Thanks for tuning in to this first episode of the motherhood undated podcast. Have a wonderful day.