The Motherhood UnDieted Podcast with Gillian Yuan

Season 1 Episode 2: A Non-Diet approach to Motherhood

August 27, 2021 Gillian Yuan Season 1 Episode 2
The Motherhood UnDieted Podcast with Gillian Yuan
Season 1 Episode 2: A Non-Diet approach to Motherhood
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This episode is about what Motherhood UnDieted is all about.
1-Reject Diet Culture
2- Say No to the patriarchal constraints on Moms
3- Health at Every Size (Lindo Bacon)
4- Intuitive Eating

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Hello everyone. And welcome back to the motherhood undated podcast. Today, we talk all about what an undyed or non-diet approach is to motherhood. Motherhood undyed it really speaks not just eating unrestricted. But also to rejecting the idea that moms need to be restricted in any way. First and foremost, an undated motherhood includes rejecting diet culture. So what is diet culture? From Kristi Harris's book, anti diet. Diet culture is a set of beliefs in which thinness is seen as healthier and have higher moral value. It promotes weight loss as a means of achieving higher status. It demonizes certain ways of eating like gluten or too much sugar. And elevates other ways of eating. Such as clean eating. Finally and most importantly, diet culture, oppresses people who do not match the supposed picture of quote unquote health. This disproportionately affects women. Members of the LGBTQ two S community. People in larger bodies, people with disabilities. And then black indigenous and people of color communities. The motherhood undyed rejects diet mentality. And the messages of diet culture. The main reason for this rejection is that scientific research shows that dieting restricting. The amount and, or type of foods when eats is not sustainable for more than a year or two. And while on them, they can harm your body and mind. And after dieting, 95% of people tend to regain the weight they lost., and some of them even gain more. After about two years. And also, I should note that the oppressive nature of diet culture. Is another reason why motherhood undyed rejects the diet mentality. So next motherhood undecided recognizes the role. The patriarchy and diet culture. Have had to influence mothers and motherhood. And we say. I'm a big, no. To allowing patriarchy and diet culture to continue to influence us. So what is patriarchy and how is this affecting motherhood? So for the modern feminism, the patriarchy exists as an interactive system. That contributes to female oppression and gender inequality. A definition used to describe a patriarchal society. Is a systemic bias against women. Although most feminist theories today recognize it as a social construct. That impacts men and women alike. Patriarchy impacts motherhood in various ways. Here are a few that I have noticed. Through the work that I do. Number one. The idea that to be a woman, you must have children. Number two. The ability to snap back or lose the baby weight equates to a mum's moral worth. And whether she's a good mum or not. Three. It's best to breastfeed your baby. But you must be modest. Out in public. So don't breastfeed in public, or if you have to cover up. This notion. Isolates women and children even more. And I believe it contributes to the postpartum mental health concerns. That we often see. Number four. The way among feeds her Ramy has moral value. Breastfeeding is quote unquote. Good. Formula air quotes, bat number five, the notion of a good mum. A good mom stays home with her children. But the modern mum. Works as if she does not have kids and mothers as if she does not work. Number seven. How moms should parent and discipline their children. Everything from cry it out. Childcare to timeouts. Number eight. A good mom keeps the house clean and has dinner ready for her husband. For when he gets home. Number nine. A father is to be praised when he participates in parenting. And number 10, if kids don't meet society's health norms, it's the mom or parents fault. These are just a few of the ways I have noticed how patriarchy impacts motherhood. And children. I'm sure I could go on, but I think you get the picture. The motherhood undated approach recognizes how patriarchy influences motherhood and parenthood. And puts the power back into the hands of mothers, fathers, and parents. Child rearing can look as unique as each child. There is no right way to raise children. This approach, empowers moms to understand who their children are and act in the best interest of them. There was no place for corporal punishment or neglect here in motherhood and dieted. There is a place for wrecking, noticing that expecting a mother to be the main child-rearing source all the time. Is not realistic and can be harmful. Not just to moms, but to children as well. At this very moment. If you feel you're mainly responsible for the care of your children. I give you permission to start seeking out other safe and trustworthy adults. To bring into your child's and your own village and life. Finally motherhood undyed recognizes health at every size and intuitive eating. How's it. Every size is an approach to public health that seeks to de emphasize weight loss. As a health goal and reduce stigma towards people who are overweight or obese. Proponents are of the view that traditional interventions focused on weight loss, such as dieting. Do you not reliably produce positive health outcomes. And that health is a result of lifestyle behaviors. That are independent of body weight. There are four main concepts of health at every size. Number one, except your size. Love and accept the body you have right now. Number two, trust yourself. Support your body in naturally finding its appropriate weight. By honoring it signals of hunger, fullness, and appetite. This includes the principles of intuitive eating. Number three adopt healthy lifestyle habits. Number four is embrace size diversity. Be open to the beauty, found across the spectrum and support others in recognizing their own unique attractiveness lastly, intuitive eating. According to Evelyn. True bully. Co-founder of intuitive eating. It is personal process of honoring health by listening and responding to the direct messages of the body. In order to meet your physical and psychological needs. This is an approach that I have adopted over. the last few years in my eating and it has really transformed how I see food, my relationship with food. And how I see my body, along with the health at every size approach. So I really look forward to delving deeper into these with you. And informing you more about what it's all about. So there you have it, the founding values of motherhood and dieted. Rejecting diet culture and patriarchy empowered motherhood. Health at every size and intuitive eating. I'm excited for this journey and I hope you will join me. Thanks for tuning in and have a wonderful day.