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Breakthrough with Karan Rawat, Podcast.

Karan Rawat

I am Karan Rawat. People call me a Dot-connector, Design Thinker, Storyteller, Brand & Experience Strategist. I have been part of building experience led brands over past 13 years in multiple brand, design and digital agencies. Branding in today's world is no more about just designing a great identity, or doing digital marketing, or promotions...or let's just be different or viral. The new world demands the Strategists to be's about being a Dot-connector using design thinking, insights, data, technology brand & marketing to help build a holistic brand that solves consumer problems. I am on mission to build and nurture the tribe of Breakthrough Brand Strategists for the new world. With this podcast, my humble intent is to help young talent and aspiring brand professionals with simplified brand conceptualization frameworks, tools and hands-on experience. And help them to Breakthrough in their career. Follow me on linkedin: Join my VIP Fb group: