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Expand Your Offensive Toolkit by Keeping Your Opponent in a 'Submission Cycle'

February 22, 2022 Drew Darce
The Neon Belly Podcast
Expand Your Offensive Toolkit by Keeping Your Opponent in a 'Submission Cycle'
Show Notes

Today's episode is inspired by Ethan Crelinsten (B-Team athlete/instructor and John Danaher black belt). I had the opportunity to train with Ethan and get some rolls in during March of 2021. The thing that stood out the most was Ethan would fully lock up subs on everyone, and then let go and move to another submission or offensive transition.

There are 3 critical skills for getting great at submissions, and here we are focused on #2.
1. Moving from static positions into submissions.
2. Moving from submissions to other submissions.
3. Precise finishing mechanics for different submissions.

There are lots of benefits to training this way. We get more mat hours logged on offense in a specific area that is often neglected. It helps us develop creativity and see doorways between different subs that we might not see otherwise. This can also be a great tool for us if we are tired, because we don't have to reset the round and then find our way back to another situation where we are firmly in the driver's seat.

Unfortunately, I don't have any footage of Ethan rolling in that manner during that day, but I did want to post some awesome rolling footage of Ethan, where you can see his hyper-offensive style in action. He has a great blend of positional dominance while always hunting the submission. The first 2 links are from rolls filmed this month at B-Team, and the 3rd link is on my list for most slept on matches of the 2010's, Ethan vs Jon Blank at Show The Art Finishers. Also, you can listen to Ethan Crelinsten on Tom Halpin's newest episode of Inside Position:

Ethan rolling #1 (Flo account required):
Ethan rolling #2 (2022):
Ethan rolling #3 (2022):
Ethan vs Jon Blank (2018):

For lots more upcoming rolling footage from Ethan, check out Goldtown MMA's YouTube channel: