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Get Out of Your Damn Way with Dr. Amy Boyd

Dr. Amy Boyd

Get Out of Your Damn Way is a podcast to help women to silence the inner mean girl and get shit done. Do you have big dreams you are chasing, but when you consider taking action, that inner bitch sits on your shoulder telling you all the reasons why you can’t? Things like, “you don’t have anything meaningful to say”, “you don’t deserve a seat at the table”, or “you aren’t smart enough to do this”, so you just end up complaining to your partner, deciding you’ll just scroll social media instead, or mutter to yourself, “she’s right” as you pour yourself a big-ass glass of wine? 

If you have been wishing you could tell your inner mean girl to sit down and shut up, but you can’t seem to keep her quiet, then Dr. Amy Boyd is here to help. This podcast gets to the root of why you can’t seem to get out of your damn way, and it lies in that beautiful brain of yours… your thoughts.Since 2017 her company “Write the Damn Dissertation” has helped over 10,000 women make progress on their doctoral dissertations, and yet we all have "dissertations" that never get written, painted, performed, created, spoken, or shared. Inspired by coaching conversations with high performing women, we talk about what life looks like chasing dreams and reaching goals while preventing the bitchy inner mean girl from flying the plane. To learn more about the show, download the show notes, and to access her free “Silence the Inner Mean Girl” video course, and more, visit