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Care Factor - In Conversation with Sara James

Kristine Rawlinson

For Kristine, life had turned out pretty much to plan. She had two happy kids, a loving husband, and a rewarding job improving the lives of people with a disability. Then, when her husband came down with what everyone thought was an average flu, Kristine’s life plan began to unravel.As she sat and watched her husband on life support, Kristine took comfort in the knowledge that she could get her family back on track because she knew the system. The reality was in sharp contrast to the rhetoric she was trained to deliver.In the blink of an eye, her family had become welfare dependent and their survival hinged on the generosity of others and the decisions of public servants.This story follows Kristine’s quest to regain some control over her life. A life with palpable grief, tinged with survivor’s guilt, trying to keep her family together as they all adjust to a life less than promised.A life of frustration, only made worse by inept public servants and unscrupulous ambulance chasers.A life where humour still exists, even in the darkest places, and this humour is the key to getting you through life’s cruelty.And a realisation that human behaviour is fascinating and that times like these bring out the best and the worst of it.