Live Like It's True {Bible Podcast}

Unlock the "Born Again" Mystery in a Story {Aaron Brewster}

November 24, 2021 Shannon Popkin Season 1 Episode 8
Live Like It's True {Bible Podcast}
Unlock the "Born Again" Mystery in a Story {Aaron Brewster}
Show Notes

Have you been born again? Do you know what this metaphor even means—and why Jesus used it to confront a Bible teacher named Nicodemus? And what about the metaphor of wind or the imagery of the snake on the pole? And why didn’t Jesus just use plain English... or maybe Greek?

Join me for a conversation with Aaron Brewster, where we discuss the story of Nicodemus from John 3. 

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Guest: AM Brewster

 Aaron Brewster
AMBrewster is the president of Truth.Love.Parent. and host of its acclaimed parenting podcast. Aaron is a husband, father, biblical counselor, pastor, and speaker. He's created hundreds of hours of free parenting resources including The Celebration of God Podcast. 

Know the Story
"The True Story of Nicodemus" is found in John 3:1-21 of your Bible. If you’re familiar with John 3:16, did you know that verse is part of this conversation, and a direct quote of Jesus?

Share the Story
Often “sharing the Gospel” has meant trying to distill deep theological truths down to a snack size passage, which we think is easier to give away. If you’ve ever learned a Gospel presentation or shared a tract, most likely John 3:16 was part of it, because it does succinctly share some of the basic truths of the Gospel. 

But when we share a story, like this one about Nicodemus, it’s easier to hold onto. Sharing a story from the Bible doesn’t feel like sharing doctrine, yet that’s exactly what happens. If you share this story of Nicodemus, it’s like opening your velvet pouch, filled with theological gems, and offering them to another person.  

I hope you’ll take the challenge, and get this story ready to share with a friend or loved one this week. 

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