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All Things CBD with Hailey Schulz

Kerwell Premium CBD House

At Kerwell, we strive to recharge your health and peace of mind through our curated collection of pure, premium, 100% Hemp based products. Our staff is exceptionally well-versed in all things hemp, and we strive to deliver an educational, informative experience. Our passions reside in the de-stigmatization of cannabis, and providing the community with high-quality, regulated products. All of our products are sourced from legitimate vendors, consistently third-party tested for purity, and validated through fully-transparent lab results. Our podcast will introduce you to vendors, cultivators, scientists, industry professionals and more, with topics like CBD/Hemp industry advancement, Education about CBD/Hemp, de-stigmatization of CBD, Cultivation standards, & Organic product selection. Join us monthly as we roll out our new podcast series.