Stop Thinking Start Doing

The Power of Creativity

May 11, 2023 Alicia Papa, Erin Brewer, & Mary Bowlby Season 2 Episode 15
Stop Thinking Start Doing
The Power of Creativity
Show Notes

In this episode of the Stop Thinking Start Doing podcast, the crew explores the topic of creativity. They begin by defining what creativity means and how they experiment with creativity in their daily lives. They discuss ways to approach creativity in new and unconventional ways, and emphasize the importance of releasing the end destination and simply being open to experimenting with creating. 

The crew also shares how they embody creativity in their daily lives, from setting aside time to create to finding inspiration to create. 

This episode is a great resource for anyone looking to tap into their own creativity and find new ways to approach the creativity in life.

Intro by: Derek Krykewycz
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