Stop Thinking Start Doing

The Power of Creativity with Danielle

May 25, 2023 Alicia Papa, Erin Brewer, & Mary Bowlby Season 2 Episode 16
Stop Thinking Start Doing
The Power of Creativity with Danielle
Show Notes

In this episode we have a beautiful conversation with Danielle, a mom of two and and the creator of Her Messy Bun. Danielle share about her wild start to entrepreneurship and how she embodies creativity in her life and how she shares it with her Consciously Creative Membership members. We explore new ways to view creativity, how the brain works with creativity, and how you can start incorporating creativity into your life.

 Danielle’s shout-out :

I'm on a mission to help every burnt out business owner and creative entrepreneur experience the breakthroughs they've been wishing for. As a Creative Consultant I help you learn how to tap into your creativity, work intuitively and infuse your business with a creative mindset. It's the power of colliding creativity with productivity to give you the ultimate quality of work life balance.

You can find on my Instagram stories @hermessybun and if you like what I had to say in today's episode, check out [](

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Intro by: Derek Krykewycz
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