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The Think About It…podcast

Johnnie Williams III

The Think About It… podcast is hosted by Johnnie Williams III, author and encouragement specialist. You are invited to join him along a journey to share the wisdom he’s gained from more than 20 years of public speaking to over a million young people. This podcast is for the wise and witty individuals who love too THINK, and enjoy dissecting deep thoughts. He has published over 1,000 of his own quotes, and each of them offers a very interesting backstory and lots of food for thought. He aspires to inspire more than a million people daily with thought stirring original quotes on his Think About It…app which is available for Apple and Android devices. Johnnie expects for this podcast to serve as his greatest gift to date, and it will only require you pay with your attention to receive all he has to offer. So be sure to subscribe and join his tribe for more content and exclusive access to the growing community of diverse thinkers on