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Jonno Lis and Sarah Levett

Former brekky radio hosts Jonno Lis and Sarah Levett have come back together as wiser, but more rounded people. Jonno is married with 3 children. He resides in a remote town in outback Queensland where going to the loo is a sport. Will it be a snake, frog, or spider that could nip your bits? How fast can you get in and out? He's the local tow truck driver too - as everyone needs to play their part. His wife is vegan and Jonno is often looking for an excuse to duck to KFC! Sarah is in the big smoke, Mumma to 1. And currently, her local sport is dodging covid. She also owns vending machines and enjoys feeling like a rockstar arriving at offices Monday morning with RedBull and Kit-Kats. Sarah has also spent much of her life treading the boards many of Australia’s comedy clubs as a stand-up comic. Jonno and Sarah are good friends. The episodes cover topics that everyone is talking about. It is honest, open, and raw. And they both love to laugh.