Beyond the Couch with Bridges

Asian Name Trauma & Reclamation with Jieun Ko

March 23, 2022 Christie Kim, Diana Liao and Samantha Waldman Episode 18
Beyond the Couch with Bridges
Asian Name Trauma & Reclamation with Jieun Ko
Show Notes

This week, Christie chats with Jieun Ko about her experience of reclaiming her name. Jieun discusses how her name was appropriated as ‘Chi’ as a child, and how her reclamation took place alongside the rise of Asian representation in media, anti-Asian hate and the Atlanta spa shootings, and through her own work in therapy. Inspired by Jieun’s story, Christie also reflects upon the history of her American and Korean names. Together, they also discuss taking space, self-worth, and building community.

Jieun Ko is a multi-hyphenate — she is a first-generation, Korean American singer, songwriter, writer, artist, activist, and entrepreneur, based in Brooklyn, New York. She is also the self-proclaimed #1 fan of our podcast! Connect with Jieun through her Patreon, website, and podcast Gajeok.

Jieun hosts a monthly event called Gajeok Gatherings! Gajeok Gatherings is a safe space for Korean American and Korean diasporic women to gather via Google Meet. If you’re interested in being a part of this community, please contact Jieun at: She would love to include you as a part of her growing Gajeok community.

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