Beyond the Couch with Bridges

Activism in the Workplace with Brian Pang & Franklin Shen

May 25, 2022 Episode 27
Beyond the Couch with Bridges
Activism in the Workplace with Brian Pang & Franklin Shen
Show Notes

This week, Diana chats with Franklin Shen and Brian Pang about the the power of Asian activism in the workplace. Franklin and Brian share their unique journeys from assimilation to reclaiming their Asian identities to uplifting the greater community. Together, they discuss corporate activism, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) initiatives and Employee Resource Groups (ERGs), as well as the importance of challenging the model minority myth through storytelling, empathy and an abundance mindset. They offer lessons on working against perfectionism and sustainable activism.

Brian Pang serves on the leadership teams of the Asian Leaders Alliance, Stand with Asian Americans, and Ascend, is dedicated to advocating for underrepresented workplace talent, for-justice initiatives, and advancing marginalized communities. Connect with Brian on Instagram @bpanger33

Franklin Shen serves on the leadership team of the Asian Leaders Alliance and the NYC chapter for Stand with Asian Americans. Professionally he is a VP at Tembo Health, a startup focused on helping seniors. Before that, he was at Flatiron Health where he served in the company's inaugural Inclusion Working Group and helped found and lead their Asian employee resource group. Connect with Franklin on Instagram @shensayshen

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Bridges Mental Health is a stigma-free hub for Asians, Pacific Islanders, and South Asian Americans (APISA) to discuss, navigate, and seek mental health care in NYC.

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