Junk Food Junkie 2084 Podcast Artwork Image

Junk Food Junkie 2084

Jean Lux Basquait

A string of gashly murders at an underground produce and vegetable party labeled "Green is Clean." and thrown by a man they call the Candy Man, wreaks havoc in Silicon Valley California. It's 2084 and natural food is outlawed, because of a revolutionizing discovery. A discovery, backed by science, proving that. we had it all backwards, when it came to our health. What was thought of as bad foods were actually good for you? Now instead of an apple and hard-boiled egg, everyone starts their day off with donuts and fried food. The greasier the better. It is now a world where imagination is just a concept and the virus chokes humanity and its freedom. Detective Domingo an idiot savant is assigned to the case but soon discovers that the man they call the candy man may not be a man at all.