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Peace is Nature


For as long as I can remember nature has been my place of solace and serenity. Join me as I invite people from all over the world to share their experience of paying attention to nature. 

I'm officially inviting anyone and everyone to submit an audio file for this podcast. And I mean everyone!! You don't need to be an expert or famous or a writer or a professional speaker. If you are, that's ok. The purpose is to hear people authentically connecting with nature in their own unique way. Hearing your voice as you interact with nature with your senses or your imagination will be a very special opportunity for the rest of us to witness. We all have something to share and the voice reveals our true essence. 

What if you don't live in nature or in the country? That doesn't matter. You could observe a tree in a city or the clouds from your bedroom window. 

When you are ready to stop and notice the details in nature, send me an email with an audio file of 7-10 minutes. Also include 3-5 sentences about you and a couple photos. Think of the magic as more and more people connect to nature in a meaningful way. 

Email me at if you'd are interested in contributing! New episodes air every other week.