Cultivating Second Chair Leaders

Episode #011: Pursue Wellness

August 10, 2022 Emily Phoenix Season 2 Episode 11
Cultivating Second Chair Leaders
Episode #011: Pursue Wellness
Show Notes

On this episode of Cultivating Second Chair Leaders we discuss the pursuit of wellness and how taking care of our physical health has an impact on our leadership abilities. We talk with guest Jean Kempe (@taibeck) on how positive outcomes can influence a balanced lifestyle as a second chair leader. We will also talk about a resource KINDLE provides, called a growth plan, which is  available to download and use or share with a friend! 

Resources mentioned in today’s episode: 

  • Quote about Second Chair Leaders “Leading from the Second Chair Serving Your Church, Fulfilling Your Role, and Realizing Your Dreams '' by Mike Bonem and Roger Patterson, 2005. 
  • The Five Love Languages by Gary Chapman: 
  • Go to  to learn more about the organization, download a growth plan and episode discussion guide and support our work!


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