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The Preaching Moment

The Reverend Suzanne Weidner-Smith

A moment each week when all is well for a mom and priest. The sermons of Mother Suzanne Weidner-Smith, Rector of Grace Episcopal Church in Alvin, Texas. The Rev. Suzanne Smith came to Grace, Alvin, first as Deacon-in-Charge in July 2018, after graduation from the Seminary of the Southwest with a Diploma in Anglican Studies in May 2018. She was ordained to the Episcopal Priesthood in January 2019 and is now the Rector. After earning her Bachelor of Science degree at A&M in Corpus Christi, she went to Baylor University’s Truett Theological Seminary, where she earned a Master of Divinity degree and was ordained a minister in the Baptist Church. In the first decade of her ministry, Suzanne was a practicing Hospice Chaplain, where she learned how to provide pastoral care at the bedside of patients transitioning from this world to the next. Listening to their stories, and telling stories of her own, she realized the power of sharing the Gospel in story form. Passionate about liturgy, she weaves scripture and story to communicate the Gospel today. Suzanne is married to Father Travis, Rector of Holy Comforter Episcopal Church in Angleton. Both raised in the Baptist Church, they were drawn to the Episcopal Church when they visited a tiny Episcopal church in Mexia, TX. Travis immediately felt called to the priesthood; Suzanne realized her call several years later. Together they are parents of three active sons: Luke, Noah, and Andrew. The boys and their parents enjoy Cub Scouts, soccer and basketball.