Unboxing Japan

Unboxing Japan S1-E3 |朗が思う三方しと近江のこころ

November 13, 2021 Charles & Akira Season 1 Episode 3
Unboxing Japan
Unboxing Japan S1-E3 |朗が思う三方しと近江のこころ
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Akira introduces one of his favorite places in Shiga and discusses the spirit of Sampo Yoshi, the traditional Japanese philosophy on sales and commerce. 
Charles can't help but talk about vegetable juice and Akira reveals his great expectations for Charles. 

(Japanese language only) 

Charles' motivation for this topic
Akira's inspiration
Akira introduces favorite place
Charles love for vegetable juice
Akira's hopes for Charles
Ohmi Merchants and Sampo Yoshi