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The Scapegoat & Golden Child Dynamic - It’s not just in the family!
November 02, 2018 Meredith Miller

In this episode we’ll explore the dynamic of the Scapegoat and the Golden Child in the family, workplace, organizations and social groups in general.

You’ll finally understand why narcissists and other manipulators use this Scapegoat and Golden Child tactic in all areas of their life.

You’ll get some tips for dealing with this dynamic in your family of origin as well as for helping your kids who are going through this with the other parent and you’ll see how this tactic is used in organizations and other groups of people.

You’ll also understand what will happen in your family when you start speaking up about the abuse, no matter which role you were originally cast in.

The Journey: A Roadmap for Self-healing After Narcissistic Abuse

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