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Psychopathy & Sociopathy: The #1 Global Public Health Crisis
December 14, 2018 Meredith Miller / Dr. Todd Grande

In this episode we’ll explore the #1 public health crisis around the world from the societal, familial and interpersonal level.

You’ll find out about the characteristics and differences between psychopathy and sociopathy from Dr. Todd Grande, a licensed psychotherapist as he clears up some common misconceptions as well.

You’ll learn about the controversy between nature and nature as Dr. Grande tells us about some recent research on the genetic component of psychopathy.

Stay tuned until the end to get some tips for recognizing predators like this.

Links mentioned in the episode:
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First Sun-Dimming Experiment Will Test A Way To Cool Earth
USA Drops 26,000 Bombs Abroad In 2016
Empty Homes Outnumber the Homeless 6 to 1
These 6 Corporations Control 90% of the Media in America
International Tribunal for Natural Justice Hearing on Child Sex Trade

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