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Outdoor Adventure Series

Howard A Fox

The Outdoor Adventure Series is a podcast production of Fox Coaching, Inc. We celebrate individuals and families, entrepreneurs and organizations, that seek out and promote the exploration, conservation, stewardship, and enjoyment of the great outdoors.
Rod Ciardullo, Founder and Chief Exercise Officer at RCX Mountain Bike Adventures May 27, 2022 Episode artwork Mitch Miller, Landscape Photographer and Founder of Fine Earth PhotographyMay 25, 2022 Episode artwork Kevin Mitchell, Founder of North Pier AnglingMay 18, 2022 Episode artwork Heather Saulsbury - Outdoor Adventure Enthusiast and Co-founder of PNWBUSHCRAFT April 20, 2022 Episode artwork Paul Sieswerda - Executive Director of Gotham Whale, and the Author of Big Whale, Big City March 29, 2022 Episode artwork Kevin Belanger - Great American Rail-Trail Project ManagerMarch 23, 2022 Episode artwork John Asselin - Public Affairs Specialist, Bureau of Land ManagementMarch 15, 2022 Episode artwork Chris Midgette - Outdoor Enthusiast, Writer, Waterfowl and Upland Birds HunterMarch 08, 2022 Episode artwork Ethan Gallogly - Outdoor Enthusiast, Hiker, Professor, and Author of, The Trail: a novelMarch 02, 2022 Episode artwork Richard Bangs - Chief Adventure Officer at Steller, and the Father of Modern Adventure TravelFebruary 23, 2022 Episode artwork Ryan McMahon - Outdoor Enthusiast and Founder of Elite Custom AdventuresFebruary 15, 2022 Episode artwork Rob Vinson - Wildlife Refuge Manager at the Pahranagat and Moapa Valley National Wildlife RefugesFebruary 09, 2022 Episode artwork Alec Sills-Trausch, Outdoors Writer, and Landscape PhotographerJanuary 26, 2022 Episode artwork David Young, Outdoor Enthusiast, Freelance Writer, and BloggerJanuary 19, 2022 Episode artwork Retha Charette, Professional Pedestrian, Adventure Travel Writer, and Adventure ManagerJanuary 14, 2022 Episode artwork Tom Luba, Fishing Enthusiast, Jig Craftsman, and Freelance Outdoor WriterJanuary 12, 2022 Episode artwork Chris Paparo, Outdoor Enthusiast, Freelance Writer, and Wildlife PhotographerDecember 29, 2021 Episode artwork Jim Boone, Outdoor Enthusiast, Ecologist, and Environmental ActivistDecember 27, 2021 Episode artwork Edgar Castillo, Outdoor Enthusiast, Wild Bird Hunter, and Freelance WriterDecember 22, 2021 Episode artwork Kelsey Roseth, Outdoor Adventure Enthusiast, Freelance Journalist, and Founder of Kero CreativeDecember 17, 2021 Episode artwork Ruth Hoyt, Award-winning Nature PhotographerDecember 15, 2021 Episode artwork Mary Forgione, Outdoor Enthusiast, Freelance Writer, and EditorDecember 13, 2021 Episode artwork Phil Bloom, Outdoor Enthusiast, Journalist, Freelance Writer, and AuthorDecember 10, 2021 Episode artwork Erin McDermott, Executive Director at Friends of Red Rock CanyonDecember 08, 2021 Episode artwork Bridget Butler, The Bird Diva and the Owner of Bird Diva ConsultingDecember 01, 2021 Episode artwork