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Rain & Shine

Calla Rose Ostrander & Kori Stanton

Western Colorado's Weekly Nature and Science Update. Rain & Shine is a regional weekly nature and science short-form podcast that explores how the planet works and how we work with the planet. At three to five minutes, these bitesize episodes seeks to inspire awe for the natural world and provide basic science education for people of all ages. Episodes are based off questions asked by the public, or friends and family, and are purposefully designed to invoke curiosity and place the listener in a familiar context. Episodes include a written summary and linked citations, and may be used as school curriculum, or as stand-alone pieces for public entertainment and education. Rain & Shine is excited to be joining forces with The Learning Council and to now be available free for all western Colorado public radio stations.CONTACT: Email us at rainshineweekly@gmail.com and find us on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/RainShinePodcasthttps://thelearningcouncil.org/rain-and-shine/