Get Enlifted

Ep. 79: The Power of Putting Yourself in the Room with Kimberly Kesting

November 22, 2023 Kimberly Kesting Season 2 Episode 79
Get Enlifted
Ep. 79: The Power of Putting Yourself in the Room with Kimberly Kesting
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Kimberly here today with a solo cast! We’re talking all about behind the scenes of recent travel & networking, my favorite hack to overcoming Imposter Syndrome, and expanding to your next level personally and professionally by putting yourself in the room with leaders and teachers that inspire your growth. 

In this episode:

  • My reflections and wins from The Enlifted Experience event in Richmond, Virginia. 
  • Behind the scenes of our trips to California and Texas -  the opportunities  to expand myself and the Enlifted brand through both hosting and attending podcasts, workshops, and events.
  • A BRAND NEW course we’re offering that you’re absolutely going to love!!! 
  • What 2024 looks like for Get Enlifted and how I’m planning & preparing for growth. 


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Speaker 1:

Get control of your words, get control of your story, get control of your breath, get over your fear of not being good enough, get your dream clients, get them results and get in lifted. If Luke's story ever decides to sell his house, put it on the market exactly as is, with all of the furnishings, all of the energy tools, all of the water filters, the red lights, the sauna, the cold plunge, the podcast studio, the pool out back. I would like to buy it, but I want to pick it up out of Texas and plop it either right into Virginia or potentially like right at a beach, but I'm shopping for a beach town on the East Coast that fits fits the vibe. So that's where I'm at. Guys, welcome back to Get In Lifted. This is my second ever solo episode and you're going to hear this in as close to real time as we could possibly publish a podcast. It's Tuesday, november 21st. You're going to hear it tomorrow, wednesday November 22nd. I am sitting at my desk early this morning. I've got my coffee, the Kimberly latte, which is organic espresso and raw milk. I also have something I want to put you guys on to that I've been drinking recently and it's like you're going to be like hello Kim this is not new, I like it this way which is orange element tea in hot water. So I drink that, like you know, before the coffee, because, hello guys, huberman protocols, we can't have our coffee right when we wake up, even though you might want to. You got to wait 16 and 90 minutes and I'm happier that way anyway. So in between the coffee I have this hot orange element tea and it's like quite nice. It's like kind of like the lemon water thing, but a little different, and yeah, I'm just I'm liking it. So anyway, this is not about my drink preferences. I just want to give you some context of what's going on over here and share a little behind the scenes. This is going to be a very casual, informal episode. I'm going to catch you guys up about what's been going on in in lifted land and talk a little bit about what's coming up for 2024. So, really excited. We've been building a lot of momentum and I'm really excited to share with you guys in this format, because podcasts are usually a little I mean, our show isn't that buttoned up we have some, we have fun over here and we laugh and we enjoy and what you hear is what you get with us Very, very, very natural flow of conversation. And we are building this business, we're building the brand we're doing out there doing the work, having fun delivering workshops, going on podcasts. I've been traveling a lot and I think it's like appropriate that we wind back to the enlisted experience in Richmond, virginia, this last October and we pick up the story from there. So we had about close to a hundred people in Richmond with us this past October for three days of in lifted magic and if you've listened to the podcast from Friday night where we had that live coaches round table and we got to talk to a lot of enlisted coaches and enjoy conversation live. The energy was so hyped and all those conversations were so quick and so fun and we didn't even get to talk to everybody. There was, like we talked to maybe I would say like a quarter of the people that were at the event and so if you missed the hot seat, damn. I wanted to talk to all of you. I really, I honestly like this just goes to show like I've never done something like that before. I honestly thought that I would be able to talk to almost everybody on that that night and didn't even get close. But that's all good, because I did get to speak with everybody over the weekend and say hi and chat and build the relationships and the connections and we had such a great time. That event was really special and we're already talking about planning the next one. We've got a meeting in the calendar next week with Rob, our event coordinator, who shout out to Rob Seriously, dude, we had so much, make that thing just absolutely perfect and flawless and we had such a good time. We're going to do it again and we have some ideas. We have some ideas about how to upgrade it, make it even better and give you the listeners, the unlifted coaches, the unlifted community even more notice, so that you can plan ahead and you can plot your calendar for 2024, because that's going to be something you are going to want to attend. You know people say, oh, you don't want to miss it, and that does create the right mental imagery of like, yeah, I don't want to miss out FOMO and I like to lift it and say you want to be there. Because you do, you do want to be there, so, anyway. So we had that event and that was a really cool experience for me personally. I'll share from my end of the street. That was the first time I had hosted a event of that size and hosted, as in you know, was in the spotlight most of the time. That was an interesting and really honestly a natural thing for me to do, like. I had a lot of fun with it and I mentally prepared for it. I saw the whole thing many times play over in my head. I knew what we were going to do. I felt confident. I had my outfits picked out. I wasn't anticipating the rain that we had on Saturday morning when we were outside, but everyone handled it like a champ and it was cool, and so there was a big growth for me personally. It helped me really step into my role as a leader and seeing the vision come to life, really connecting with people in that way and realizing how much all stars have put themselves in the room with us for the weekend and that's the main message that I want to talk about today in this podcast is about putting yourself in the room and about showing up to do the thing, because after the enlisted experience which was exactly that people showed up we had coaches, one of the other things I want to highlight on that experience that was like a big reflection for me was that was the first time we got to feature in lifted coaches who are doing their thing, teaching and developing other people. So we had brought in we did on Saturday morning a bunch of breakout workshops. We had everybody teaching things, from enlisted in the gym to we had some breath work and movement. We had the WEC method Will did some jiu-jitsu and was rolling around in the mud. We had freedom builders did a session. We had Kyle Gray doing a session on storytelling and sales. We had a women's circle. We had Jenny and Eric working on relationships, showing how the enlisted method gets plugged in to their craft, what they do and teach what their experts as in. And then we had presentations on stage like TEDx style talks where we had five speakers who blew it out of the water and really were able to showcase their stories and tell their stories and show the impact that enlisted is having in their lives as well as the lives of those that they lead and coach. So really cool experience. Before we then, of course, brought Mark Englund on stage and we had Brandon Powell and we did the whole, the whole shebang, and we closed out the weekend with freedom builders, talking about how to be more successful at building your coaching business online, make more money, make a bigger impact. And we launched a new course which was so well received, so so so hyped and I'm going to tell you more about that later in the show. But ultimately that course we sold out on spot, on the spot. We decided we're going to open up another class of it and you may have been seeing some teases of it out on Instagram that it's coming. It's going to change the game for the coaches that signed up and talk about putting yourself in the room, that they're putting themselves in the arena on that one. So we'll come back. We'll talk about BBU a little bit later. So, after the enlisted experience, we we kept rolling the momentum from that event. We've been rolling momentum all year. To be honest, mark and I have done a lot of traveling and separately and together, doing in lifted style workshops, going on podcasts, getting out there and putting ourselves in the room, and this is something that has I, when I reflect back on my coaching career and for the last six years that I've been building and developing myself as a coach, and I will say here's here's an interesting thing that I thought about this yesterday. Like, my career in coaching has gone wide. I'm starting to go deeper, right, but I've gone wide. So I've done everything from building out my own nutrition coaching business and delivering on all the sessions. So wearing every hat business owner, marketer, sales course creator, content creator, instagram poster, coach, workshop facilitator all of the hats under that. And that's where I started in coaching. And then, eventually, I started working more in business and marketing. I started to do more deep dives into understanding, like copywriting and how to get the client's pain points right. So it was like these there's so much that you have to learn to be a solopreneur as a coach that you've got to like really develop skills outside of just the coaching ring. So that's where, once I realized that oh, wow, this is really what it takes of me, I started getting into more marketing and sales. Then I got into. I moved from nutrition into fitness. I started coaching at row house. I started I managed a row house facility. So then I was leading and developing other staff in this in the facility. So my sales team, the developing the coaches working with the manager, working with the owner of the facility, on everything under the sun that had to do with managing a brick and mortar facility on top of coaching classes. And then I've always continued to work with clients one-to-one, specifically women, while I've been building the enlisted business, where my primary role had been marketing and sales and working on developing the brand and art, email funnels and how are we going to reach more people and what type of coach do we want to work with? So my coaching career has been 50% coaching, 50% business building and 100% coaching and 100% business building is a better way to say it because you have to do all of that. And so across my career I've really gone pretty wide in what I've learned and developed. And as I started studying the enlisted method, it became clear to me that there was more depth around the conversation of mindset. I started really understanding more of the components of story and on that path of when I was teaching and leading other people in the foundational components of food, movement, breath, mindset, right, just a little bit of spirituality I was going down the deep dive of my own personal growth and development. So I've done everything under the sun, from therapies to psychedelic therapies, to micro dosing, to meditation, to all sorts of retreats, women circles, deep dives into religions, like. I have done everything under the sun to grow and develop myself personally and worked with a lot of coaches and done like somatic therapies and hypnosis. I've done astrology, human design, like all of the things, all of the things that that you just find yourself down these paths of like as you grow and develop as a human, they become interesting and exciting. So to me anyway and I think you're listening to this, probably for you to so, in this concept of like, going wide right, learning as much as I could, listening to podcasts, going to workshops and rolling in courses, you know this is probably like. The last eight years of my life has been consuming knowledge and been learning and applying and doing different things that have helped me grow and develop in my profession and personally and when I've been doing. I share all this to say across the entire time, the number one thing that has led me to be successful, that has jumped me into the next phase of my life, that has put me in conversation with somebody who is going to help me take that next step in my life, every single thing that I can think of has come down to putting myself in the room with somebody who expands me, putting myself in the room with somebody who I want to learn from, putting myself in the room with peers who stretch me. And that room I mean literally, like going to the workshops, going to the seminars. I also mean figuratively, like the zoom room, right, signing up for the courses, putting yourself Into a coaching container, working with another coach. All of those things are super valuable, right, and that's what helps us grow and develop and that's what helps us get better, that's what helps us Heal those wounds, that's what helps us get over that pesky victim mentality that's haunting us all. Really, really, really everything right. So so I share this to say when you go wide right, eventually, at some point in time you're going to start to go deep. And I'm at this phase in my In my journey where I'm getting curious about going deep and I'm starting to see what is the path in which I want to Explore the depths of in my life personally or in my life professionally, or both right, and so putting myself in the room. What I mean by that is showing up to do the thing right. Showing up when you're scared, showing up when you're like oh man, I really like I have the money to spend on this. Like as in like there's enough room on my credit card or I can scrounge it together like from my different accounts and I can pay for this, but it's really gonna like all my hand right like that, those moments of stretching to take the next step to the next level. I've done that so many times, like so many times that now it feels well, actually never feels comfortable and it doesn't feel normal, which is what I was gonna say I. Every single time it Hurts me on some capacity, like I have to talk myself into it and I get to talk myself into it and then I'm happy with my choice. But so, coming off of the and lifted experience, all of that context to share, mark and I went out to california for our second podcast with paul check. I went to a workshop with a woman named monica yates, which was one of those stretching me experiences, and we did some more podcasting in california and across that right. So it's like again put myself in the room Hanging out with paul check for a day, going on his podcast, having lunch with him after connecting with his family, seeing some hlc one students that were there for a live training with his wife and she got to gale she gale matthews was there. She's in lift coach. We had just seen her a few weeks before the and lifted experience. I was really cool the idea of like sitting down and not having that face time to do the podcast and to connect and chat and share about what we've been up to and hear about what paul's been up to and how we can collaborate and support each other in Different networking opportunities and such a lot of that can only happen when you show up. It can only happen when you're, when you're there and available to have the conversation and open to having the conversation and even right like building the opportunity to sit down and do that. We, as in mark myself, adam team and lifted, we are at a place in building this business where it is becoming usual, like a typical, for us to have Connections and relationships and opportunities at that level. I'm gonna tell you about a few other high level shows that we went on in texas once we got down there and that's becoming that becoming usual. Right, and at the same time, I want to share this with you guys because it is stretching me and, if you're in the path of wanting to put yourself in that place, right to get in the room with leaders and teachers that you really respect and want to work with. That is totally use this concept of put yourself in the room. To make it happen, you have to invite yourself to the room, sometimes to write I want to make that super clear. You have to invite yourself and you have to ask for an for somebody to open the door. You gotta, you gotta see who can you help, who can get you in. Can you find the bouncer outside? That's like working with the promoter to pull you up to the front of the line and sneak you into the room right, like when you're at the club when you're 22 in New York City, like me, flashback, so anyway. So the idea is that you have to you to get yourself in the room. You you have to initiate. So the podcasting with Paul, that was really fun and is our second time there, so we already knew a little bit about what to expect to understand how it was gonna go. We are familiar with the setup and so it was pretty natural just sit, plop right in, sit down and Start talking and and continuing to build our rapport with him. Now I'll tell you loosely things that have come out of that relationship. Since we first went out there now over little over a year and a half ago, for the first Time that we recorded with Paul we've had many check students enroll in the uplifted method, which has been awesome. We've had a lot of Personal building of the rapport and relationship with Paul and his family to be able to help move us into other relationships with people that we want to work with and share. We've had great new people come into the sphere because of hearing us on that podcast and we've definitely made some connections for in lifted coaches to Paul as well, which has been really, really cool. So the network effect is a real thing for sure, for sure, and I will give mark a lot of kudos for this, because I believe in or not I don't know if you'll believe this or if you would know this about me or not I am like hyper introverted, Like I am not the one to reach out to you, I am not the one to invite you to come do something with me. I'm not the one to ask like hey, what's up, what are you doing? Like I am much more Like extroverted in scenarios where, once you put me in the room, I can talk to anybody and I will talk to anybody and I'm excited and I'm open and like I love that, but like my natural tendencies or the story that I tell myself, haha, whatever. So you can have fun with this, you can make fun of yourselves. I'm not initiator, I'm not a reach out or I'm not a, I'm not a checker in her. You know, I'll share my life on instagram, I'll share my life here. I will, if I show up at the same place as you, cool, we're gonna talk, we're gonna laugh, we're gonna have fun. But I'm not the one to like initiate. So mark is whatever the level is beyond initiator, which is a makeshift happen that is marking glint. So he is very, very, very good at maintaining relationships and connections, whether that's through the personal voice mails, the text messages. I'm sure many of you listening to this are like, yeah, that's accurate, cuz mark is always maintained connection with me and and you know like, you know like further the relationships of staying in touch and whatnot. He will make invitations to people, he will send gifts to people. He will, you know, is great at sending memes and conspiracies to people. Right, which, dun dun dun. Let him to us having dinner with alex jones and mark doing a segment on info wars. Okay, more on that later and, if that sets you, sorry anyway. So the that happened when we were texas, literally a month ago, like less than a month ago, two weeks ago, that just happened. That's hot off the press. So so the whole idea is that, like, building these relationships and continuing the relationships and staying in touch with people is critical to getting yourself into these opportunities. Now I have been fortunate to learn from mark and observe mark and watch mark and also benefit from the fact that he, he, he naturally does that. He's a super connector and I have it is stretched me because I realize that he doesn't like how interesting, like wow, okay, how did he do that? How did he get us back on the show? He asked oh, he just send a text message and asked hey, can we come back on the podcast? We have a new thing to share and we'd love to share with your audience, and here's how it will benefit you and here's how benefit them and here's how benefit us. Can we do it Right? And that's the type of stuff that I've learned a lot from watching him. So, again, like I'm I'm Seeing this in real time and I'm like, okay, kim, like you're great when you get in the room, but you know, it's like you're pretty, pretty okay at putting yourself in the room and it's in finding the opportunities and Above average I'm putting myself in the room, I'll say that. But when it comes to creating that, I'm like it's like a three out of ten. You know, for me to initiate and to build and do like that, like it's just not, yes, something I'm working on busting out of and working on developing within myself. Hold, please, latte break. Honestly, I thought it was a really good idea to make my coffee and sit down and do this podcast, but what I've realized is that I'm the only one talking, so there's no breaks for sips. There's a little ASMR, if you can hear me slapping the this delicious latte, okay, so, so we go to California, the other thing I wanted to talk about. While we were in California, I did something really cool, which was go to a one day workshop with Monica Yates, which stretched me from a few different angles. It was the most money I'd ever spent on a one day workshop. It was, you know, a lot to pack into. One weekend. I was in San Diego and then it was like I went up to LA for a day do this stay in LA for two nights, came back to San Diego, did some more work and it was a lot to pack into one weekend and it was cool to see how someone else, who is a woman that I respect and look up to and have learned a lot from in the coaching space. She does women's embodiment, trauma healing and everything under the sun for women's holistic wellness and health, and I followed her for a long time. I've listened to her podcast and I followed her on Instagram and I've funny enough, my best friend from New York is now the maid of honor in her wedding, because, of course, that's a story for another day, and so so I've had all these connections with her and through her and I'm like I saw that she had an event in LA the day after I was going to be out there for Paul Chex podcast and I said, hey, let's hell, yeah, let's go, I'm in, and I and again I'll say, is the most money I'd ever spent on a one day workshop, and I thought to myself this better be worth it, like because between between the actual ticket to the event and the bougie hotel room that I booked for myself for two nights. I flew up from San Diego because it's just how tight the time crunch was. It made more sense for me to take a 20 minute flight than to drive and not have to worry about parking and all that stuff driving in downtown LA. So so the whole thing was was like it was a chunk of money that I invested in it, and I like to do that stuff for myself. That's how I like to spend. I like to spend my money on developing and growing myself, as well as cool experiences. So that's, that's it right there. And she's a woman that I really wanted to learn from and wanted to see how she runs her events. Right, because I respect her a lot. You can check her out Monica Gates Health on Instagram. You can follow her podcast, feminist fuck, I promote the crap out of this woman. I love her. I found a lot of value in her content. So so going to meet her and especially now that we have this close friend in common, it was a cool way to see, to see the other side of the coin. Right, like, here's a woman who's leading workshops and events, who's doing coaching, who's earning, you know, seven figures in her business. She's constantly traveling the world, doing really cool trips and experiences and immersions, and she has different coaching offers and you know, watching what's possible, right, because she's definitely an expander for me. She's a few steps ahead of me as far as professionally speaking and she's like six years younger than me or something like that, which is always interesting and fun, so that that experience taught me a lot, because I was sitting there learning as a student of the content which, I'll be honest, was mostly things that I have already discovered on my personal development journey and mostly things that I've already learned, and I actually many things that I actually teach so when I work with women one to one. So the content itself was cool to see how she teaches it, to see how she presented it and put it together, but really what I was there studying was the delivery of the event. Really what I was there studying was how are the other women in the room responding to her? How is she like, you know how, what's the space like and how is? How is her team helping and what is the whole, what is the whole experience? Not just what is she teaching me, because I look at her as a peer, even though she hasn't expanded peer to me, somebody who's further down the path, and so I was taking notes all around. What I learned and a big takeaway from it, was it honestly reinforced for me? I was like, girl, you're further along than you give yourself credit for. You know, it busted a little bit of my imposter syndrome. It made me realize like I'm on my right path, and that's how I said that I'm on my right path, not I'm, I'm, I'm on the right path. I'm on my right path, and I found that to be really super awesome. Plus, plus, it's fun. I love doing women's things like that, where it's like I'm in a room of beautiful women and we're talking about all the things we're manifesting into our life, and this morning actually. So I'm going out to the beach next week for a week and I, in the event, with Monica, I had this whole visualization of me and the enlisted team out in the beach and on this whole vacation having fun with all of our friends, and I was wearing this like bright blue, royal blue bikini and, funny enough, like we're going to go to El Salvador, and that's definitely what that vision was. But I'm like I need this blue bikini. So this morning I was shopping for it. And I'm not going to El Salvador next week, I'm just going out to Virginia Beach. But the thing is is that I need this blue bikini. So shopping for it this morning and laughing to myself because I had the memory of the Monica at the event at Monaco's and I was like, wow, I'm going to talk about that today this morning on the podcast. So I put myself in the room, right, I showed up. I was observing more than just the content. Right, I am paying attention, I am talking with the other women in the room. I made a point to invite some of the other girls out to dinner with me after I tried to talk to Monica after the event. She was not. She was not super. I get it after an all day thing. You're not trying to like really continue hanging out and talking with people. But here's the thing I also learned from that too, which was that I like to make myself available to people when they come to events for that personal one to one off the record kind of conversation, and I didn't get an opportunity to do that with her. So I it was like a mental note in my head of like, okay, make sure that I plan when I host events, that I am available for that, because it's something that I value, something I want to do as the host of the event, and I know that the people who have come appreciate it and want to talk to me, of course. So that was a big like that was a big lesson and cool learning. So we go from California and we come back to Virginia for a few days and then it's boom off to Texas and the first thing that I got to do in Texas was attend my mastermind retreat. So I've been doing a year long mastermind with other women that are building multi six figure businesses in the coaching space, a lot of people who are in health and wellness, a lot of really cool women that are doing really cool things, and the host of our group, jess Sarose, who has been my coach all year long. I've known her for a really long time and this is the first time I've ever worked with her in a formal capacity and met her. Back when I first started my nutrition coaching business, she had been coaching online before anybody else was coaching online and she was a trainer in New York City. A friend of mine, a CrossFit coach of mine, introduced me to her said hey, follow her on Instagram. She's got great content that you'll find valuable as you're building your business. And I did. I found a lot of value in her content for four or five years just consuming everything that she had for free. And then this earlier this year or last year, about this time last year, market out of my. We're having a conversation about what was going to be my growth and expansion for 2023. And I said, hey, let's, I would love to join a mastermind. It'd be really cool for us for networking and podcasting and building the business and all the things. And like the next day or the day after, just posts about her mastermind experience and I was like, well, this is the one, sign me up. And again, that was a big, big stretch for me to be in a room with the other women that were that were in the group as well as to make the request of the team right and the company to make that investment for me. So it was a big deal because it was a nice chunk of cash. It was a big vote from them of like, hey, we trust you and want you to lead and do this. And it was a room of expansive people and so all year long I've been doing that, working with this team, with the group and Jess and her team, and I have gotten so much value out of that Because it has again like putting yourself in the room is a big deal. Why? Because it helps defeat the imposter syndrome, because it helps you reflect who you are, what value you bring, how you might be getting in your own way and ways to get around that. So those experiences have been super valuable. I had so this all year long we've been working together over Zoom and doing some in person retreats, and this was the third of our in person retreats, the last one of the year. It perfectly aligns like in a really serendipitous way, of course, that I got to do that for three days and then Mark showed up the last day of the retreat in the evening and then the next day we hosted a workshop at CrossFit Central in Austin, texas. We got to see a lot of in lifted coaches Chase Tallison, fluent from Chicago, like okay, that was awesome to see, and a lot of the Texas coaches coming in from Dallas and all around like people travel San Antonio, they're traveling in to come spend the afternoon with us and as well as all these brand new people that have been introduced to the in lifted work through the team at CrossFit Central Jeremy Teal, amy Teal and Kerry Kepler. These guys are awesome humans that we are loving working with and they're studying the in lifted method now and bringing it into their CrossFit space. They've been old school CrossFit owners like doing this for for close to two decades, so we've had some some cool opportunities to both host events on these trips as well as attend events, and that that is fun. That's fun to be on both sides of the street because you get to. It was really fun for me, right. So just this content, that exact scenario that I just described like going to the mastermind retreat, working on develop, like consistently growing and developing my identity and the things that I am building in my life professionally, and then immediately hop into that the next day by hosting this workshop, was really cool. And you know it's like that's the type of stuff Like it's. It's a really fast pace, like I, by the time I was home from this Texas trip, it took me like a solid week to recover. It's a really fast pace of stretching and expanding and doing the thing and it catapults, right. So it's like, do the thing, do the thing before you're ready, get in the room before you're ready, put yourself in the room, invite yourself to the room and then do the thing immediately after. What else do we do all year in Texas? Oh, my favorites, right. So we went to podcast with Cal Calhan, the great on learn podcast in this absolutely gorgeous home and beautiful podcast studio. And that was really cool because it's one is always fun to podcast with people in person, of course, like, if you can do that, if you host a podcast or you want to get on podcast, go in person, get in the room, do the damn thing, live. It's so much better and you might get to go to some really cool places because, let me tell you, that studio that Cal has is unbelievable. I wish I had taken more photos or videos around the place because it was so freaking cool. And then we also podcasted with Luke Story, who his house oh my gosh, that's. I'm telling you that's dreams goals. I would take it as is. Just, let me move in, like you guys move out, I'll move in, I'll pick it up somehow, move it over here to Virginia and, like it'll be, it'll be great. And so that one was cool because Mark was on that, on that show by himself and sitting behind the scenes right watching the entire production. What a cool experience for me, because we do want to put, get in, lifted on video. We've talked about putting yourself in the room. Yesterday we decided to do a course with Soulfire Productions called the podcast igniter, and that's going to teach me how to grow and develop this show, to work on the storytelling, working on building the audience, working on, like, optimizing the show title of whatever. I don't even know exactly what I'm going to learn. I just trust these people that are going to teach me how to expand this show. So, so, seeing the whole production at Luke's place was really cool because I got to observe from the time that we, first of all Luke opened the door and him playing the guitar, serenading us and we were laughing with him. He's like. I've never done that before. I don't know why. I compelled to do that for you guys and we're like we loved it. Make that part of your experience. So, with that being said, right, when you go to podcast with somebody in person, there is what I've, what I've seen over the reps of doing this now many times this year and also with many different people who are further down the podcasting game then I am. I noticed each time there's always an experience right, they come in and it's like Paul check it's volcano bags. It was Luke story. It was like, hey, let me, like plates guitar, come on into my house, like can I get you some amazing water right or coffee or can I, you know, just chat and talk and give a little tour. You know, like that type of thing and to be able to interact in that way. It's like a rapport building, it's breaking the ice, it's letting people like relax and get settled in and that's really fun. So the, so with, so the to bring it back to the production at Luke's place. What was cool about this was that I got to see I didn't have any, any pressure I was gonna say pressure, but that's not the right word like I didn't have any like expectation of having to show up and talk on the show, so I got to truly sit back and watch and observe and again, this is like similar to what I was talking about when I did the, when I went to the event with Monica in LA, was that I got to, I get to watch from a lens of this is what I do and I want to see how you do it and that was really cool. So in Luke's been podcasting for a long time. That is the largest show that in lifted has gone on as far as downloads, listens, popularity, top of the charts that's the biggest one. And so to see his process and I asked him some questions before and after the show about what he does and how he does it and you know, just just interesting perspective, right, and it's really fun to when you make connections like that and there's a natural flow and synergy to the conversation. You know what we could tell, like Mark and I both really liked Luke and Luke really liked us and we did him a solid favor. We did him a big, solid favor and made an introduction for him, for somebody who he is totally geeked out over speaking to that's in our network and that was huge right, because it's report building, it's it's helping people. It's helping people do the thing right and to make those introductions and the connections and then help them get excited about something as well as you being excited about them. It's a really cool synergy. And so we've got in the chance to. It was Alex Jones that we introduced him to, by the way, I said I'd bring that back. Basically, here's the deal. Listen, if this upsets you, I'm sorry, but nice knowing you. We I mean that in a loving way. We are open and honest here and I think that you guys can infer some of our opinions are quite strong and that it just is what it is. So, anyway, so we got to have dinner with Alex and his wife, erica, and we had a blast, had so much fun. And then, of course, because we've joked about this for a long time that mark would host a segment called info words. Alex invited him on the show and then he didn't get to do any educated the audience of em for is all about the victim mentality and what if some good shit and helps unlock their breath and calm him down a little bit. And how fun is that? You know, like it's cool way to have the impact, like we talked about this a lot at length, because obviously there's when you're, when you interact with somebody who's like a polarizing figure, or people have this polarity of like I can't believe you would talk to him or I can't believe you would give him your platform, or you're canceled, like that type of energy it comes from. How does that even happen? Okay, let's, let's talk about the mechanics of that. How that happens is you have a fixed mindset, you have a fixed story that you're not open to seeing different angles of, and you have really, really really high and tight breath. Right, you cannot unlock your breath. You are deep in a state of victim mentality by however this person has treated you. You, yeah, okay, right, like because you're personally offended about something that they've posted online. They're human, they're allowed to have their opinion. They're allowed to have free speech, just as you are. Work on unlocking your breath, work on down, regulating your nervous system, free yourself from the victim mentality and you won't be bothered by the people online that really piss you off. Okay, so, even even if it's me right now, just take a deep breath with me and then I'm gonna take a sip of my latte, okay, okay. So the whole fun part about getting in the room right and talking about being able to do these things in person the workshops, the podcasts be a guest on the podcast host. The podcast host the workshop right, flip flopping between the two has been very expensive for me and again, I'll bring it back to this idea of that. Across my career, all of the things that have led me to the next best thing have always come from putting myself in the room. I've always come from those introductions and showing up and even if I'm not great at like nurturing and initiating, that's okay, because, because I'm willing to show up, start and keep going. So, coming into twenty twenty four, we've decided, like, how are we? What are some of the cool things that we're gonna be offering? What are some of the ways that we're gonna help and lift the coaches show up even more. And you know, we. I like to look at this as I'm on the path with you. I am growing and developing a coaching business with you. We're doing this thing together. Okay, I maybe have a few more years experience than you. Maybe you have a few more years experience than me. Okay, okay, that is I'm. That is absolutely possible and likely that many of the people listening to the show have have more experience than I do, or have different experience and I do more years on the clock. Whatever, this is a. This is a collaborative effort of sharing wisdom and sharing knowledge, and so the way I look at it and think about it is how can I lead and teach well and with an integrity for my values and my desires, how can I have fun with it and how can I hold the door open for you to come in and learn from me or disagree with me or want to challenge me? Whatever it is right, all of those things. It's part of the growth and expansion for both of us. So in 2024 I mentioned this earlier, talking about coming off of the elliptic experience we it's actually we're starting it now, 2023 we are Debuting a brand new course it's called business breakthrough university which we're partnered and collaborated with freedom builders on, and we are solving a problem that we previously couldn't solve on our own, which is that it and lifted. We teach coaching skills, we teach a coaching tool set. We bust the imposter syndrome. We're going to get you like becoming a really, really, really good coach. Now, the things that we don't teach but remind I'll remind you that I had to learn in the beginning phases of my coaching career. It could have it did take twist and turns because of just how I had to learn them, in the ways I learned them and the different paths that I took Marketing, sales, copyrighting, messaging, instagram posts the stuff that starts to make your stomach churn and your head want to explode when you think about it, coach, because, like you don't want to learn that stuff, or you've learned it and you're still confused, or you just don't have the time for it and you really want. Like, you wish it was easier. Well, here you go. We made it easier because there's here's what I'm going to tell you that I know from first hand experience and almost all of the coaches who already signed up for the first class of bb you would say there's two problems One problem that you're aware of and if you're listening to this podcast and you're in lift to coach. The other problem you're also probably aware of, but you haven't linked the two. Maybe, or maybe you realize it and you're like him, we get it, but somewhere in between, right so, which is that there is all of the business tactics and strategies and templates and and the actual things you have to do to build your business. There's that part. And then there's the story, the imposter syndrome, the I'm not sure how to get this done the procrastination, the lack of confidence. Is this any good art? Is anyone gonna want to buy this right? The mindset component, and you have to address both when you're building out your coaching business. You have to address both when you're building out a course, and so that's exactly what we're doing with bb. You were going to be able to, from the in lift inside the street mark is going to be coaching you the whole way through to get over your imposter syndrome, to bust through the blocks of where you're getting stuck, to reinforce the identity as being the coach who can deliver on this promise and product and do a damn good job at it. And then we have Mike Gonzalez and Yasmin who are going to be supporting you on the actual tactical strategies, the templates, the design, the branding, the email funnel, setting up the website, setting up your kajabi, setting up your lead flow all of the things that you have to do to be successful. Right, you've got to be able to figure those things out. That was the biggest thing I learned in the very beginning was that I wanted to coach. I wanted the freedom of being an entrepreneur. I wanted to be able to make a full time income from doing that. I spent in the beginning like a lot of time learning how to coach and learning about everything that my clients might need to know, and then I quickly realized well, how do I get clients, shit. Okay, I'm gonna have to learn something about this business thing. So then I started learning about business, I started learning about marketing and I started learning about lead generation. I started figuring out how to actually get clients and it was like, oh my God, this is so much harder than I thought, and also figured out ways to make it easier for myself by working with mentors and taking courses and all of that. So I'm with you on that. If you're listening to this and you're like, damn, I need this, I'm with you. I needed it to. I got emotional at the end of the experience when we were first debuting and talking about it, because I've done a lot of business coaching courses and I have talked to a lot of business coaches and I have spent a good chunk of money on it, and I was getting emotional Talking about how it was. Like this course is going to radically change the lives of many of the coaches in this room, because this is this is the one that, like we solve a problem that I've never seen anyone else solve, which is that mindset piece, which is the imposter syndrome piece, which is the like I'm not good enough to do this piece that shows up when you're building the course, that those stories are gonna pop up. I promise you they're gonna pop up and we can address them, work through them and get over them and still accomplish the goal get the course out, get the posts out, get the podcast out, all the things you want to do, the part of you that wants to do it. We're gonna amplify that and turn the volume down on the one who doesn't. And I have to do that every day, guys, by the way. I just want to make that clear. I have to do that every day, every single day. I've got to talk myself into doing the things I want to do, and some days it's easier than others, and some days it's like pretty automatic, and some days it's like dragging myself to show up and do the thing, and that I mean I'm gonna say that feels normal, it feels yeah, it's just welcome to being human. So, bbu, if you're listening to this now, this week, today, we've opened up the wait list, so you can DM us, add in lifted coaches, or you can DM me at Kimberly Kesting on Instagram. We'll set you up with how to get on the wait list. We've already sold out the first class and like half of the second class. So, yes, we are gonna be launching this, we are gonna be sharing on Instagram and emails and promoting the enrollment, and I want to be honest and clear with you that the spots are super limited and that is not a scarcity play and an urgency tactic. That is the truth, and so this is something that you want to do with us, or something you think you wanna do with us, maybe in the middle of next year. The next time we launch it, we've also been taking like three or four enrollments for the June class already. So, if this is something that's like a hell yes, and you already know, yeah, absolutely like, take out your phone right now and send us a message so that we can get you set up. With a call with Mike Gonzalez, you can get introduced to him, you can hear more of the specifics of the course and hopefully, we can get you a spot. Again, this is a. I'm really hyped about this because this is the reception. From when we first debuted at the Unlifted Experience. I was expecting people to be like yeah, this is great, this is awesome, we love this. I wasn't expecting the level of hype and I also wasn't expecting like just the overall, like just pure enthusiasm and excitedness that the room had, and so that was cool for me, too, to see, like, wow, we can wow. Whoa, this is awesome Because we're not selling from a place of like just trying to make more money and roll out new courses and things. We legitimately built this because it solves a problem, which is that really good coaches need ways to get their courses out and need the support to do it. So that's what we're offering with BBU, and I'm really freaking pumped about it because I'm excited to flash fast forward to the beginning of 2024, when they're launching their courses and their Instagram feeds look beautiful and they've really dialed in their message and their level of professionalism in their marketing and their sales and their website matches their level of professionalism in coaching, and that's the stuff that just makes me freaking pumped. Yeah, I love it. I love it. So 2024 for getting lifted what does that look like? As I'm getting hyped on what everyone else's 2024 is gonna look like if they've gone through BBU, mark and Adam and I are having conversations about what does 2024 look like for in lifted, and I am really excited because I get to double down and do even more of what I love the most, which is podcasting, and so we are going to be growing and developing the show. We are going to be talking about new and different ways that we can continue these same conversations, branch out from the conversations we've been having, bring on bigger guests, showcase even more in lifted coaches. Maybe I'm gonna be doing more solo episodes. Hey, this is number two. Maybe that means number three is coming soft talking knowledge. We're gonna bring some new life into it in a way that I have been consistently. I'm gonna celebrate a win right here right now. I've been consistently podcasting for two years. For two years, there have been a show has gone out every week. I've never taken a week off never, not once and I batch the shows and record in blocks and I always have a bank of shows going and that bank is empty. That's why I'm recording this today and you're hearing it the following day. That's why you're hearing this effectively as live as possible, because the bank is empty. I've let it run out and I did it on purpose, Because, coming into 2024, what I wanna do is I wanna go back over these two years of episodes, I want to pull the greatest hits and I want to take over the month of December, the last week of November and the whole month of December, so five episodes that we're gonna bring out of the vault, let's call it. We're going to take the most popular episodes, the most shared episodes, most listened to episodes, maybe some of the less popular ones too, and I'm going to give you hindsight review commentary style on the shows. So what it's gonna look like is, say, for example, like the most popular episode of the Coaches Roundtable, I'm gonna give you a new introduction on it, tell you what we've learned since, share a little bit more about context, funny stories, whatever I can pull out to share that's unique and different, that wasn't included in the first episode. And then, throughout the episode, I am going to interrupt ourselves and I'm going to give you some extra little nuggets. So, whether that's reflection points of things that were really important that maybe we brushed over and go a little deeper, it could be a time where I put my foot in my mouth. It could be a time where I'm like you know what, I would have said that differently, or I would have approached that differently, or it could be celebrating a win of hey. This is what's happened since this show with this person. This is what they've gone on to do. It's amazing and awesome and we're so proud of them. Whatever the thing is, I'm going to literally set my calendar up to go into a bubble of podcasting bubble where I'm going to listen back to the shows and I'm going to do a lot of commentary on them, and that's going to be really fun. So that's going to take us out of 2023 with a recap of the last few years of this podcast. And you know, I want to say a big thank you on that too, because, yes, I've been showing up recording shows for that long and if you've been sitting here listening with me for that long, thank you, that is super awesome. I appreciate it so much. I love you guys. I love hearing from you. I love when you share the show. I love when you give me feedback. I love when you tell me that I said something stupid. I like opening up the dialogue. I like having the conversation. I'm guys, I'm sitting in my office right now by myself, talking to myself. Okay, I know I'm talking to you, I'm talking to you, but I'm talking to myself right now, and so having that dialogue and opening up that conversation is welcome and is exciting. So if there is an episode or show that you want to hear me do this, like out of the vault commentary on and you're like, yeah, totally, this one has been. I've listened to it three times I would love to hear a new perspective or new take or something that you're just curious about. You have questions? Submit them to me, send me a message, let's talk. I am very happy to show up and to do that. And you know, like 2024, what does that look like when we bring the show back to live recordings? I'm gonna well, I'm gonna start doing that in December, but I'm gonna take a little bit of time to work on developing the show, which I'm doing with the Soulfire Productions team in their podcast igniter course, which starts next week. So I'm very looking forward to continuing to expand myself, put myself in the room with podcasting pros, build the network, expand out right, like that's. The whole theme of this show is like how can you show up, put yourself in the arena, put yourself in the room, make the connections, build the connections and let that take you to your next phase and your next step. So I hope that me sharing my stories of what's been going on recently, of how I've been doing that and in ways that have been very expansive for me, that have been new and exciting and, really, like you know, moments where, after it happens, I'm like, did that really just happen? Like, oh my God, I really just got to do that. Wow, like so cool, so grateful. So building that right within how I'm doing it, how we're doing it as a team, how we're bringing and lifted out, sharing those stories from more of like a behind the scenes perspective that you know you don't get to necessarily hear or track from, as you're seeing people grow and succeed, and what you're putting out on Instagram or the more polished content when you get that right, when that happens, there's always like I'm just wondering, like, how are they doing that? How did that happen? What's going on here? What did they? Was that comfortable? Was that easy? Was it dark? And I'm the first one to be transparent and tell you exactly how we did it, exactly how uncomfortable it was and what I had to do behind the scenes to develop myself and build my identity to be congruent with the type of person who could do that confidently. And I use the inlifting method to do it. I hear my thoughts, I talk to myself, I write them down, I read and breathe, whatever it is that you know is gonna. Whatever tool, my inlifted tool bag, that's gonna get the job done. That's how I do it. Shocker surprise I'm not using somebody else's method, I'm using this one. So, all right, podcasting morning on, I'm rolling with it here. I'm about to do another show after this one, where I am the guest and I love chatting and building the momentum, and you know, I gotta finish my latte. So, guys, thank you for joining me this morning and let me know what you guys have in store for 2024, what you're thinking about growing, expanding into the rooms you wanna put yourself in. If you wanna talk to me about it, if you're like, hey, what do you know about this person, or what's going on here, or can you introduce me to this person? Hey, remember, this is a team sport, so, dialogue with me, talk to me, reach out to me, whether that's on Instagram or through Mighty Networks, if you're an inlifted coach, thank you for listening, thank you for being part of this and if there's a way that I can help you reach out, because that's the whole point. And if you're looking. Oh, the one thing I will say, so about BBU and level one. So BBU is happening, we're starting that very soon. The spot again not a scarcity thing, just the truth. The spots are super limited and if you really wanna get into that, and that's something you wanna do, message us. Asip and level one that enrollment opens up in the beginning of next year. So if that's something you've been thinking about doing and you're also like, yeah, I wanna learn this this is inlifted, is next room I wanna put myself into you can go to our website and you can apply. You can submit your application now and that's gonna put you way ahead of the line. So, on inliftedme, there's an a button at the top that says apply now. Click on that, submit those few questions and then Mark's gonna reach out to you and have a conversation to see if it's a good fit for you to start with us in the beginning of the year. So if you already know that's what you wanna do, just go ahead and pull the trigger, get to work on it. We'll set you up, we'll get you ahead of the groove of the enrollment and that's the ways to put yourself in the room with us. Right now. We're excited about getting BBU started. We're excited about all the coaches that have said yes to that. We're gonna put a big focus on that through the end of the year and the early part of next year and then we'll be back to business level one enrollments coming up. So that's the scoop. Happy Thanksgiving. If you're in the States and we'll catch you, I will well, I'll be giving you commentary on episodes coming up here and I will catch you on our next real-time live new recorded show that will come out in January 2024. Abracadabra and Abraha Lo. Hey, coach, ready to get your clients out of their own way and over their shitty mindset? Start by learning the words and make mindset coaching practical. Master the enlisted method and guide your clients to lasting results by changing their words. To enroll in the next class of enlisted level one certification, head on over to unliftedme and click Get Certified. Let us know you're loving the show. Subscribe, leave a five star review and be sure to share it with your friends. Abracadabra.

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