Please Don't Follow Me Home

Pine Street Saloon

January 31, 2022 Please Don't Follow Me Home Season 1 Episode 5
Please Don't Follow Me Home
Pine Street Saloon
Show Notes

Can you tell me how to get, how to get to Pine Street Saloon! Welcome to 1234 Pine ST, where the Pine Street Saloon is located. It is like the Sesame Street of bars.

This week, Skeptic Steve joins Jimi and Joei to discuss the history, lore and Joei's experiences while at the Pine Street Saloon.

Thank you to Ron French at the Pine Street Saloon that sat and talked with me and allowed me to snoop around.

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Daniel Drew Blackburn (1816-1901) - Find A Grave Memorial

The Watcher, The Dead Files, Season 7, Episode 7

Daniel Blackburn | Paso Robles Historic (

Pine Street Saloon | Bar | Paso Robles, California