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Space Café Radio - on tour in Riyadh - with Frank Salzgeber

November 16, 2022 Dr. Emma Gatti, Frank Salzgeber
Space Café Radio
Space Café Radio - on tour in Riyadh - with Frank Salzgeber
Show Notes

In this episode of Space Cafè Radio Editor in Chief Dr. Emma Gatti spoke with Frank Salzgeber, the managing director of the Saudi Space Sector.

This interview took place during the Connecting the World from the Skies forum, which was held in Riyadh from the 8th to the 10th of November 2022. The conference was hosted by the International Telecommunication Union and the Communications, Space & Technology Commission of Saudi Arabia with the theme being “connecting the unconnected”. Important indications of where Saudi Arabia wants to situate itself within the global Space economy, the directions it wants to follow, the vision it would like to cultivate, and the investment it intends to pursue, were showcased. 

In this episode, Frank Salzgeber spoke with Dr. Emma Gatti about the experience of being part of a team building up a new ecosystem for space, the developments in other major space players and how the space market will continue to develop in the future, and how the space industry in Saudi Arabia will change in the next five years. The conversation covers the strategies and potential partnerships that Saudi Arabia is looking to create and how this compares to advancements in other countries and space agencies. Finally, Frank Salzgeber talks about the challenges Saudi Arabia may face when implementing its plans and if there has been a visible cultural change within the country.

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