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Space Factor ITA ep. 01 - Luca Rossettini

June 12, 2023 SpaceWatch.Global
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Space Factor ITA ep. 01 - Luca Rossettini
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Welcome to Space Factor, the new  podcast mini-series presented by SpaceWatch.Global in collaboration with Dassault Systèmes Italia, the leading agency supporting the creation, simulation and production of space systems.

Our aim is to connect space leaders with aspiring students and innovative thinkers in the Italian space sector. We have chosen to produce Space Factor in Italian to foster a local and direct approach to discussing space and its societal benefits.

In our first episode, we have a special interview with Luca Rossettini, the CEO and founder of D-Orbit. Editor in Chief Emma Gatti engages in a personal and delightful conversation with Luca, delving into his humble beginnings and the unconventional path he took to realize his dreams. We invite you to tune in and enjoy this inspiring discussion!

Happy listening!

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