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Parallel Parenting Explained

January 11, 2023 Jessica Knight Episode 58
Relationship Recovery Podcast
Parallel Parenting Explained
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Show Notes

I define parallel parenting as a method of parenting that allows each parent to use a separate approach to when they have the kids. Their parenting does not intersect, as each parent is independent (versus more of a team approach). It’s mostly used when co-parents want little to no contact with each other. Parents rarely attend the same functions, appointments, or child-related events. If they do, they do not sit together and are not expected to communicate. This is contrary to co-parenting which involves more of a team approach. 

When you are in a toxic situation, or a relationship with a narcissist, co-parenting can be a breeding ground for the high-conflict partner to control or manipulate. When you try to co-parent with them, it can leave you feeling exhausted, constantly trying new things to “keep the peace” – but failing. You may feel at a loss because nothing will work as easily as it “should.”

This episode breaks down parallel parenting. I hope it is helpful and sheds light on a very tough topic.

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