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Breaking Barriers Now

Jodi Watkins

Hi there! My name is Jodi Watkins, some call me “Lady J” now (but I am still getting used to that one). I grew up in a small town called Fernandina Beach, Florida, just outside of Jacksonville on the east coast. My upbringing was not much to fantasize about. I found myself mostly fantasizing what it would be like to disappear. My real dad left me when I was 3 years old. My mom remarried a few years later. This began a roller coaster ride in my life filled with drugs, alcohol, judgements, domestic violence, and learning how to still get by as a kid. Not the best way to grow up, but looking back, I now appreciate my life more and know everything I endured is what led me to where I am today.Coming from a toxic background, I didn’t have the highest self-esteem or confidence. I self-sabotaged a lot (something I still struggle with, but am now more aware of when it begins). For the most part, being told all my life that I wouldn’t amount to anything became something I believed. I adopted that story. I had a ton of baggage going into the Air Force and the bags only got heavier as time went by. Alcohol and hooking up with random guys were temporary fixes to the loneliness I felt inside. I became a personal trainer later in life and am currently operating a business mentoring personal trainers, nutrition coaches, and health coaches. I got into bodybuilding in 2015 after having 6 surgeries. I became this person who always found better ways to do things. However, no matter what I was doing in life, I still hadn’t healed from my past.In 2019, after a bout of depression, I found the Lord. I realized he was always with Me, just waiting for me to be open to having Him in my life. That same year, I published my book, Reclaim Your Life. It has my daughter on the front cover. What I didn’t disclose is that book being published and the acknowledgements I put in it was what I wanted to leave behind. I still didn’t want to be here. I was struggling. I managed to hide things for quite some time. Then, in 2021, I hit a brick wall...AGAIN! I actually hit a couple of them. Finally, at the end of 2021, I realized I was the one allowing the enemy to win. I had to make a decision. This is when the Lord placed the podcast back on my heart. It was time to do more. It was time to move out of my own way and begin to take the advice I give others all the time.We are not to place our worth on what the world tells us. Once we begin to operate in our purpose, our gifts are shown without us even trying to show them. The mission of this podcast is to share stories that will save lives. So many of us get wrapped up in thinking we are alone. The reality is, we are not. This podcast is just the beginning of what is to come as the prophetic message I received begins to come into the light. I can finally see it being built out naturally. I am not in control and I am not forcing anything. The mission is bigger. It takes more than one person to truly have an enormous impact on the world. The more we come together and share our stories, the more we are able to do. The way we leave a mark in this world is by helping others and sharing the stories that maybe were too sensitive to share at one point but we have now arrived at a place where we are willing to be vulnerable. The fact is, we are truly limitless. It’s time to break the barriers - together and NOW! Please join me as we take a journey of faith and fight and break barriers one day at a time and one show at a time.God bless! Please subscribe and share! This mission doesn’t happen without you!