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Made for Change with Dr. Janny Chang

Dr. Janny Chang

Are you facing a major life or career change or you're at the crossroads wondering whether you should make a change in your life? Whether it's chosen or not, change can be stressful and hard. That's where Certified Life Coach Dr. Janny Chang comes in. As someone who has faced many life changes and continues to make changes that improve her life, she understands the struggles that come with seismic change. She knows what it's like to face career and job changes, relationship changes, becoming a parent for the first time, making geographic moves, and other changes that can cause stress and anxiety in your life. Even amid changes, she learned to find resilience, meaning, and purpose in her life and she will help you do the same thing. This podcast includes psychology, neuroscience, storytelling, thought work, somatic, anthropology, life coaching, interviews, and advice from your trusted friend who will always have your best interest at heart. For more information and notes, visit