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Breaking Barriers with Youth

Jamal Givens & Hassel Gastelum

Breaking Barriers with YOUth (BBY) is a place for youth and adults to come together and share their perspectives about what is happening in the world today.  With your hosts Jamal Givens and Hassel Gastelum, BBY will discuss how youth are dealing with various issues in their school, families, and communities. As adults who care about youth it is important to understand what teens are going through and how they view today's changing world. In addition, we will hear from adults who are advocates for youth and how they feel they impact youth. This podcast will share resources for parents, youth, grandparents, and caring adults. BBY is supported by LPKNC, a nonprofit organization that focuses on prevention of substance use/misuse and abuse, promotes mental health and wellness and prevention of suicide. LPKNC and BBY believes in Youth-Adult Partnerships. Youth-Adult Partnerships is a relationship between youth and adults where youth are afforded an equal voice at the table in anything LPKNC does. BBY models this partnership.