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Spinsterhood Reimagined

Lucy Meggeson

Are you single, childfree, and tired of the stigma attached to your 'spinster' status? Are you actually having an awesome time, loving your life because of the freedoms afforded to you as a result of being alone and not having kids? Or are you not quite there yet? Either way, this is for you. 

This is the podcast where we're going to reclaim the word spinster, where we're going to redefine what the word means, and where we're going to reimagine the outdated narrative around spinsterhood. 

Because the truth - the big secret that no-one seems to realise or acknowledge - is that, actually, being a spinster rocks. This podcast will also look at the subject of personal growth and how, as spinsters, we have the luxury of being able to spend time becoming the people we truly want to be; the best versions of ourselves. Because, after all, isn't that what we all want?

Every week I'll release either a 'solo' episode in which I'll ruminate on the many different aspects of being single and childfree - and why they get to be brilliant - such as holidaying alone, living alone, identity, finding your purpose, being an auntie, freedom, opportunity and much, much more; or an episode with an array of fantastic guests with whom I'll be having interesting, inspirational and insightful conversations around the same themes. 

Follow me on Instagram @spinsterhoodreimagined for inspiration and information about upcoming episodes. 

E-mail me at lucy@lucymeggeson.com