Active Mom Postpartum

CHRISTINA PREVETT- Lifting in pregnancy in the research

October 06, 2023 Season 2 Episode 40
Active Mom Postpartum
CHRISTINA PREVETT- Lifting in pregnancy in the research
Show Notes

Today I speak with Dr. Christina Prevett PT, PhD, researcher in pregnancy and aging, lead faculty at Institute of Clinical Excellence Physio for Pelvic Health & Geriatrics, and Creator of the Barbell Mamas. Christina helps female athletes maximize fitness potential with online programming for pregnant & postpartum CrossFitters & weightlifters.  

Christina and I talk about how far we have come in supporting strength athlete, both pregnant and postpartum, as well as where the research is headed. If you’re a barbell athlete, you don not want to miss this conversation! 

We talk about: 

-lack of research available 

-affects of resistance training on pelvic floor 

-breath holding 

-stress urinary incontinence 

-listening to your body 

-ethics issues and pregnancy research 

-increasing visibility 

-debunking hormone myths 

-benefits of strength training 

Time Stamps 

1:00 introduction 

4:02 research following experience 

9:50 changes in pelvic floor 

11:30 unpacking Valsava maneuver 

21:03 resistance training in supine 

25:30 findings of the research 

31:10 averages in the study 

37:40 the progress made 

43:00 addressing inequity 

45:37 addressing menopause 

52:40 benefits of strength training 

60:25 rapid fire questions 









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